First published November 13

Have I missed something? What about the millions of dollars that illegitimate MPs removed from the Australian Parliament.

What about the millions of dollars that have been paid in salaries and superannuation plus all the extravagant perks they are entitled to?

All those removed from the Australian Parliament were so removed because, by ignorance or intent, they had been defrauding the people of the existence of a fully legitimate parliament.

Each and every vote could have turned on the decision of one of those discovered freeloaders.

As well as the Libs/Nats’ serving deputy Prime Minister, House of Representatives’ member Barnaby Joyce, the High Court has removed five senators for failing to meet citizenship requirements since PM Malcolm Turnbull scraped back into office with a one-seat majority last year.

All of this means that for years both houses of parliament have had members voting who were not entitled to vote.

I’ve been pondering how the average Joe or Jean Blow would be treated if it were discovered that they had been pilfering the national coffers, either through ignorance or intent.

I doubt they’d get away with a symbolic rap over the knuckles and told that they could re-apply for welfare entitlements. Rather, they would be promoted, with the help of our reactionary right-wing media as shifty bludgers.

Not only does bullshit-artist and nonsense-natterer Barnaby Joyce look as if he’s going to get away with keeping all of his illegally obtained benefits (must be millions doled out to him alone), he’s being allowed to stand again immediately for a seat he has been fraudulently representing since 2013 after, it should be remembered, fraudulently representing Queensland in the Senate from 2005 to 2013.

Another freeloader, as I read it, is Senator Eric Abetz. He was in parliament for nearly 16 years before he produced a document relating to his renunciation of a citizenship other than Australian. He must have picked up millions since he was elected as a senator in 1994.

*Bob Hawkins is an angry old journo who can’t believe that the likes of Dutton and Turnbull (and their predecessors for nearly 20 years) can continue to behave like criminals and still expect to set the nation’s course when it comes to basic human decencies.

• Urban Wronski (aka David Tyler), who normally writes NATION, is having a couple of weeks off …