First published October 3

Just incredible, in my view. The Libs had the chance to offload Woolnorth (VDL company) – then owned across the Ditch in NZ – to a very local Australian company, chief investor Jan Cameron.

But instead they chose Moon Lake Investments, which has doubts about its viability ( Mercury: Doubts surround China dairy deal ).

But no. Fuckin Greenies would get a hold of it. And that is definitely not allowed, say the Libs. So they flogged it off to China.

That makes a lot of sense, particularly when you learn the latest figures ( Fairfax: China now owns 10 times the amount of Australian land it did last year ).

And, also Fairfax: Chinese ownership of Australian farmland rises ….

Just think, Jan Cameron wrote on Tasmanian Times last year about VDL staying in Australian hands: JAN CAMERON: VDL in Australian hands: What’s in it for Tasmania?

But at least golden week won’t be spoiled …

Fairfax: Courting Chinese, Australian real estate agents hope new rules don’t spoil Golden Week

EARLIER on Tasmanian Times …

Cassy O’Connor: ‘Premier Must Explain Why Liberals are Taking Chinese Money’

NATION, STATE: $280m Van Diemen’s Land Company sale decision

Businesswoman Jan Cameron plays the long game

Charles Wooley: Flogging off the (dairy) farm to China …

ABC: Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron plans rival bid to buy Tasmanian dairy giant VDL

Can an Aussie Paper Cat survive a hungry Chinese Panda?

*Lindsay Tuffin has been a journo since 1969, mainly in Tassie apart from a few years elsewhere in Oz, and in Pomland where he had a brief stint as a youth worker and where for five years he edited ‘Buzz’ – a magazine dealing with church and social issues and which was beaten in audit circulation in the Specialist Interest category by Aero Modeller magazine …!

• Russell Langfield in Comments: … Turdbull looks like the latest in a long line of corrupt dimwits ready to hand over billions of dollars of our taxes and land to a criminal organisation, and then we’ll have to clean up or be left with the fucking mess!!!

Mercury: Tasmania tops state list for foreign ownership of farmland

Domain: Chinese buyers of Australian property set to increase with higher taxes no deterrent – Credit Suisse