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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


NATION: Macho Mal …

*Pic: DonkeyHotey. Flickr. Malcolm Turnbull – Caricature: ‘This caricature of Malcolm Turnbull was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo by Veni Markovski available via Wikimedia. The body was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from ITU Pictures’ Flickr photostream.’

Red Star flags and missile carriers are everywhere in this week’s best-directed mass military rally in Pyongyang Wednesday. North Korean soldiers in high-crowned hats like painted halos march frenetically across our screens, their unique, bouncing goose-step a tribute to their athleticism, indomitable spirit and edgy photogenic villainy.

‘Rogue state’ hysteria triggers fear of global nuclear war. Our local MPs heave a sigh of relief. Out of the spotlight, Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew “Mafia” Guy takes a spell from his epic struggle to shake himself free of news of his “lobster with a mobster” Liberal fundraiser. His Laura Norder campaign is at risk.

The Victorian Liberals don’t have anything else by way of policy. News Corp backs them heavily – raving about how victims love Liberals’ promises of “toughest ever sentences”. The Herald Sun creates a rising crime wave hysteria. Victoria is the state of lawlessness. It will be safe only when the Liberals bring in a two-strike approach.

Mandatory minimum sentencing policies ignore a vast body of evidence showing that this approach to sentencing is expensive, unlikely to improve public safety and of no use in deterring future offending. But it has populist appeal and – as with any good terror programme – it cynically obscures the lack of any real policy.

Things get tricky when a secret recording shows Guy is lying. He claims he didn’t know which cool Calabrian businessman dude was about to shout him a cray at Beaumaris’ The Lobster Cave. Yet Fairfax sources report Guy’s office was informed that Mr Madafferi would be one of the guests. He attacks the secret recording.

Guy lies about the gathering’s size. His claim of 20 becomes six or seven when a witness dobs him in to 3AW.

The Opposition Leader is busted when Liberal staffer, Barrie Macmillan, un tipo losco, (a shady character) himself, is taped advising how to split up donations under the $13,200 threshold to avert being traced back to their donors.

“They want to give Matthew a substantial donation towards next year. Now, I understand what they can and can’t do,” bagman Bazza helpfully explains on a recording obtained by ABC’s Four Corners and Fairfax.

… but I’m talking about a swag of money …

“I know how that all works, so you can’t associate Matthew with money, and I would have to be the intermediary, but I’m talking about a swag of money that they’re prepared to give for them.”

Shady? Astonishingly, the five-year veteran Liberal Party fundraiser, turns out to have a criminal past. In 2006, while convicting him and ordering him to repay $25,000 to a local junior football team he defrauded , the magistrate told Macca he should never be involved in fundraising-again. But the Libs did not help him.

Liberal Party membership application rules do not require new members to declare prior convictions.

It has been alleged, in court, that Guy’s pal, Antonio “Tony” Madafferi, a market gardener whose business interests include the La Porchetta restaurant chain, is a don in Melbourne’s Calabrian mafia.

Madafferi denies any connections with organised crime. He has never been charged with any offences. He sets his lawyer on to James Merlino for implying he’s a mobster.

Madafferi has, however, been banned from Crown Casino and all Victorian racetracks over his alleged links with crime. None of this, of course, would ever have come to the attention of Matthew Guy or his office.

In an affidavit filed in court in June, Detective Superintendent Peter Brigham said police hold “substantial intelligence” indicating that Madafferi had “substantial and close involvement with serious criminal conduct including drug importation, murder and extortion”.

Brigham also alleged that Madafferi is,

“a known associate of prominent criminal entities and persons who have a history of significant criminal conduct that includes money laundering and drug trafficking”.

Yet Guy insists he met … to discuss fruit and vegetable markets

Yet Guy insists he met with long-time Liberal supporter Frank Lamattina and his cousin, Tony Madafferi, to discuss fruit and vegetable markets. Epping. As you do. No donations were made. But how would we know?

Macmillan, a former Datsun salesman and Tattersall’s agent resigns. He’s a fallen fall guy for Guy. Anywhere else, Guy would also have to resign, but in Victoria the (market) garden state, Liberals have powerful friends.

In 2013, as Victoria’s Planning Minister, Guy also was just an innocent diner who attended Liberal fundraising dinners with developers who had major planning applications he would decide on. “I did nothing wrong”, he explained at the time, despite then Premier, Ted Baillieu’s ban on ministers doing dinner with donors.

Also doing nothing wrong but being caught out not reporting 53,000 deposits of $20,000 because of just one maverick line of code is the Commonwealth Bank. Such a simple, innocent mistake – and only one error.

CEO Ian “nifty” Narev’s brilliant one slip – $1060000000 – defence is playing well. So clever of the bank to cast a Sontaran as its top banana. Narev will slip out quietly with a golden parachute discreetly after his show.

Yet the CBA, part of our nation’s oligopoly of usurers, extortionists and silver-tongued con-men is relieved to be out of the spotlight over its you-beaut money-laundering for terrorists and drug syndicates ATM scam while Bruce Billson’s delicious double-dipping scandal can’t compete with nukes. Oh what a lovely war … scare.

Being paid by The Franchise Council of Australia, the same outfit he was lobbying for, while still being paid to be an MP, “for months”, as former Small-Business Minister Billson admits this week, will not embarrass a Liberal Party joined at the hip to employers, bankers, developers – and fruiterers. He’s off the hook. Almost.

In politics, there ain’t no such thing as a free lobster.

Billson was instrumental in helping Francesco …

Always eager to promote the small business backbone of our economy, Billson was instrumental in helping Francesco, another Madafferi family member and suspected Mafia figure, obtain a permanent visa in 2004 – a year after his supporters, who included Antonio Madafferi, donated to the Liberal Party.

Billson – along with Greg Hunt, Marise Payne and Russell Broadbent – successfully lobbied or contacted then Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone. Whilst the MPs’ protest their naiveté, their association raises serious questions and has inspired calls for reform of the nation’s political party donations racket.

Billson “conveys his apologies to the clerk of the house for this error”. Yet you can barely hear Billson’s apology for his corrupt behaviour, so loudly bark the dogs of war. Suddenly humdrum, day-to-day dealings of our nation’s rogues, knaves and MPs are swept aside in a tsunami of “Konghanzheng” or Koreaphobia.

2GB’s veteran guest MP, expert military fetishist, the ever-practical Tony Abbott, calls for a national missile shield to be installed immediately. Later, the junkyard dog-whistler, may insist the North Koreans pay for it.

MSM hiss “the rogue state’s” rude defiance of US threats of nuclear annihilation and eternal demonisation. How dare North Korea reject new ‘UN sanctions’ – on its exports of coal, iron and metallic ores, and seafood, amounting to $US1 billion or a third of its earnings from exports to China, its major trading partner?

Kim calls the measures “a panicky response by a US bully”. He warns he has four missiles ready to lob into the sea off Guam unless the US stops its B-1 long-range bomber sorties from its US Pacific island territory.

Such base ingratitude. Media frame Kim as an utter psychopath; a suicidal maniac or just “The Fat Kid”. Not even the administration’s leaked decapitation strike plan can get Kim to pull his oddly tonsured head in.

No more Mr Nice Guy from the leader of the world’s top “evil regime”

Worse. Dear Leader has the US president’s number. In diplomatic slap-down of the week, Kim-Jung-un says Trump is “spouting nonsense”. No more Mr Nice Guy from the leader of the world’s top “evil regime”.

Kim hits back. The sanctions will cripple his nation’s economy. He gets personal. “Sound dialogue” is impossible with a person “bereft of reason”. He echoes other leaders’ frustration with Trump’s just “Being There” presidency.

“Only absolute force can work on him”, he adds. At least he’ll get Trump’s attention.

He’s on to Trump. Even fun-loving Kim can tell, Trump is wasting his time “on the golf links,” instead of skulking behind a desk faking being president, as he must, on non-golfing or non-Fox News-watching days.

Ouch. At least he leaves alone the Commander-in-cheat’s multiple mulligans or how he forges his scorecard.

Kim says Trump’s gone dotty. He’s “bereft of reason”. He does not “grasp the ongoing grave situation.” His comments “show his senility.” He is “extremely getting on the nerves” of North Korean soldiers. Take that.

No pussy-footing around from a chap who’s fed his rellies to his dogs – a Chinese satirical newspaper’s joke which instantly became “fact” in MSM accounts of Kim’s depravity and North Korea’s weirdness.

… the myth of the official Kim haircut …

The demonisation of Kim and his state is thoroughgoing and includes the myth of the official Kim haircut, a fabrication recently exposed by two Aussie journalists who made a film, The Haircut (2017) – A North Korean Adventure about their recent trip to Pyongyang for a hipster haircut.

There is little doubt, however, he sent his uncle Jang to his death. But what if the US pushes him to the wall?

His people have had a gutful – according to the street theatre. Thousands of white-shirted workers march through Pyongyang Square angrily brandishing flags. The other hand does a taekwondo air punch.

Back in Canberra, a macho Mal endorses The Donald’s latest madness in provoking North Korea; threatening “fire and fury”. Turnbull invokes ANZUS, for the second time in our history. It’s a distortion of a treaty which is just an agreement to consult but he’s playing hard the only card left him, the loyal US sycophant.

Turnbull pledges Australia’s unqualified support in an unknown conflict between a con-man, a fake president and a crazy dictator. Oddly, there seems to be a reluctance from any other US ally to rush headlong into another bloodbath.

By Sunday, he’s looking typically over-eager – just as he did when he fawned and gushed all over Trump in his meeting last May on the USS Intrepid, in New York.

Is war with North Korea likely? Despite Trump’s bluster, there’s been no change to US troop deployment or alert status in the region. Unlike our own leader, China’s president Xi Jinping rings Trump Saturday to ask him to tone down his rhetoric. All is going to plan. Trump’s real aim is to get China to cut off North Korea’s oil.

Locked and loaded”, Donald Trump’s hairy-chested homage to John Wayne of Iwo Jima …

The show must go on. All trace of last week’s electrifying travelling family mincer-jihadi terror drama is expunged by the fire and fury of this week’s national thriller. “Locked and loaded”, Donald Trump’s hairy-chested homage to John Wayne of Iwo Jima, goes viral. Malcolm Turnbull tries out a macho swagger himself.

“I am a strong leader,” Malcolm Turnbull tells Canberra’s press, Monday, despite his lame-duck government’s latest failure of nerve; a plebiscite-cum-survey to kick the can of marriage equality down the road.

“Strong leaders carry out their promises. Weak leaders break them.” It’s a dig at Abbott and a hollow boast which backfires badly. It’s obvious to all assembled that Turnbull’s promise to be anything but Abbott in a better suit is now irretrievably broken. Only a weak leader would draw attention to his own inadequacy so publicly. Whatever epithet he may end up wearing, he will always be the Liberals’ Great Disappointment.

On the back foot again, this time, the PM shoots himself in the other. Journalists smirk. No strong leader ever talks up his toughness. Or needs a side-kick on stage for backup. On twin lectern, to add grunt in stereo, is muscular straight-face heavyweight, Matthias Cormann, the Liberals’ fiscal Belgian schutzhund.

Can the government afford to go postal? Does it have authority to fund the survey? The Finance Minister claims he has a $295 million line of credit to fund “anything unexpected or unforeseen”. A $122 million non-compulsory postal opinion poll to do parliament’s job for it certainly fits the bill. Other experts disagree.

The PM attempts to set the week’s tone. He certainly fails to set the agenda. Authority rules. Briefly. Seven’s Mark Riley cheekily asks why he is so weak on marriage equality; why yet again he is so keen to follow others rather than take the lead himself.

It’s not for want of body language. Our PM demonstrates his personal authority with his signature choppy hand movements. It’s as if he’s rinsing a lettuce at a sink. Then he’s back to Kill Bill, a game the whole party can play. And fear. Shorten will be “the most dangerous leftwing leader in generations”.

Left wing? Bill’s a member of the Victorian ALP Right?

“responsible for every hurtful bit of filth”

Shorten has got to Turnbull. Cut him to the quick with an impassioned speech in the house on marriage equality. And he has threatened to hold Mr Turnbull “responsible for every hurtful bit of filth” “unleashed” during the same-sex marriage survey debate.

In an amazing performance, our government by evasion has duck-shoved its responsibility while pretending it’s honouring a fake election pledge to lumber us with a same-sex marriage plebiscite. There was no campaign promise of a postal plan B if a plebiscite failed to pass the senate, as a reporter reminds the PM.

It’s not a plebiscite of course and it the term “survey” soon replaces it. No-one knows what authority it will have. It’s being tested in the High Court in two legal challenges which will come before the full bench of the court on September 5 and 6, Chief Justice Susan Kiefel tells a hearing in Sydney on Friday.

One challenge is by Tasmanian Independent Andrew Wilkie and Australian Marriage Equality and Victorian Greens senator. Janet Rice. Should these succeed, the government has no plan B.

Whatever the court decides about the legality of the postal survey, it’s no substitute for the conscience vote in parliament that Turnbull is forbidden by his National Party minders to embrace.

Nor is it fair, given the capacity for postal surveys to favour older voters, conservative voters and retain the status quo. Despite all the prompting the yes cause can muster, young people may well be loath to register just to take part in a junk-mail survey which is likely to be ignored by a government that has lost their trust.

Last election, there were almost a million young people missing from the electoral roll; too alienated to bother to register to vote. Voter turnout was the lowest since 1925.

Not only does it lack leadership, there is something fundamentally tacky about a government which can contrive to allow itself to be guided by a non-binding, non compulsory postal opinion survey on a basic human right.

… the Coalition has opted to allow the mob-majority to sit in judgement on the human rights of a minority …

After calculated vacillation, indecision and cowardly prevarication, the Coalition has opted to allow the mob-majority to sit in judgement on the human rights of a minority.

Shorten is right to voice his fears that in the process many Australians will be hurt. In effect, the process virtually guarantees a maximum of damaging propaganda. It’s already started. Bronwyn Bishop on Sky News claims that marriage equality will lead to bestiality and the killing of newborn children.

Worse, old jelly back Malcolm Turnbull, a leader who bizarrely tells parliament that being PM makes him too busy to lead debate, has made no effort to rebuke, rebut or reprimand her. It’s a telling abdication.

He doesn’t care if he causes suffering

Then there’s Tony Abbott, disciple of BA Santamaria and nineteen fifties’ throwback, who leads those who would make the campaign about something else. He would turn his back on modernity while spreading his irrational fear of a nurturing, tolerant, progressive, pluralist society. He doesn’t care if he causes suffering.

He’s prepared to lie because he knows most Australians are in favour of marriage equality and he knows he can’t win if he acknowledges that a no vote is a denial of a human right. He’s cynically misrepresenting the issue.

Abbott’s got a solid track record of success in disinformation whether it be in his white-anting of Gillard, with gratuitous misogyny or his repeal of a price on carbon emissions we urgently needed but which he labelled a great big new tax on everything.

“I say to you if you don’t like same-sex marriage, vote no,” says Abbott. “If you’re worried about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote no, and if you don’t like political correctness, vote no because voting no will help to stop political correctness in its tracks.”

Director of an organisation which calls itself the Australian Christian Lobby, but which gets plenty of support from US fundamentalists, Lyle Shelton, writes that “the marriage plebiscite is a referendum on freedom of speech and ‘safe schools'”. He laments the “stolen generation” that are the children of Australian gays.

The week ends in uncertainty as the diversion tactic of the threat of nuclear war yields to something more prosaic and destructive, a government which lacks both leadership and moral authority.

As the case of Matthew “Mafia” Guy and lobster with the mobster suggests, the modern Liberal Party covets funds above all else. It is as recklessly indulgent of its donors as it is heedless of the needs of the ordinary voter – or as it is of any promptings of conscience; or moral compass.

Bluster all he may about being a strong leader, Australia can see ever more clearly how deeply Malcolm Turnbull is in thrall to his party’s moribund conservatives and its modern amoral money-men.

He is a Prime Minister in title only who heads a government in retreat from reality, a government which is so keen to evade its basic responsibilities that it is willing to commission a $122 million junk-mail survey to prove the point. It has no real concern over the hurt it will cause nor of the human rights it tramples.

Ironically, if the Turnbull government had hoped to consign the issue to the background for the next three months, to clear the decks to prepare itself for re-election, it will find it has, instead, done everything in its power to guarantee the reverse.

*David Tyler (AKA Urban Wronski) was born in England, raised in New Zealand and an Australian resident since 1979. Urban Wronski grew up conflicted about his own national identity and continues to be deeply mistrustful of all nationalism, chauvinism, flags, politicians and everything else which divides and obscures our common humanity. He has always been enchanted by nature and by the extraordinary brilliance of ordinary men and women and the genius, the power and the poetry that is their vernacular. Wronski is now a fulltime freelance writer who lives with his partner and editor Shay and their chooks, near the Grampians in rural Victoria and he counts himself the luckiest man alive. A former teacher of all ages and stages, from Tertiary to Primary, for nearly forty years, he enjoyed contesting the corporatisation of schooling to follow his own natural instinct for undifferentiated affection, approval and compassion for the young.

Fairfax: Tim Minchin’s homophobe video goes viral …

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  1. Russell

    August 17, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Re #15
    And just how did you reach that conclusion? Where is Labor or any other political Party mentioned?

  2. Keith Antonysen

    August 15, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    In 1976 there was almost a major conflict between North Korea and USA. Two American soldiers were bludgeoned to death in the demilitarised zone by N Korean soldiers. Later, a US helicopter was hit by N Korean fire; and luckily was not knocked out. Sense prevailed.

    Trump once becoming involved with Presidential politics stated he wanted to deal with rogue states such as Iran and North Korea; up until then, there had been relative peace, creating a self fulfilling prophecy is of no use to anybody. Only fools would want to see Iran or North Korea gain nuclear weapons. But, Trump in his usual bellicose manner lifted the anti between the US, North Korea and Iran. Trump also initially stirred up trouble between the US and China; his bully boy tactics might have worked in business, International diplomacy is different. With Trump, its a case of making negative noises, and then modifying them later; the latest terrorist tragedy created by white supremacists and Nazis being a current example.

    There is no doubt that North Korea is a cruel regime, but the question is: why provoke them?

    Now, we have two nutter world leaders who are on the brink of creating a war nobody will win.

  3. TGC

    August 14, 2017 at 12:08 am

    #14 Looks like another wasted vote going to the comedian BS at the next poll.

  4. Russell

    August 13, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    Bimbo Troglodyte Turnbull is even more Trump’s lapdog than little Johnny was to George Dubya. He is so far up that you can barely see the bottom’s of his feet.

    I think Australians are becoming just about as sick and tired of our gutless Government sending our boys over to someone else’s country to illegally fight gutless American billionaires’ bitch-fights as they can get, and I hope the Australian public, in no uncertain terms, lets Troglodyte know it this time.

    Go fight your own criminal wars, USA, and take the airhead Turnbull with you.

  5. Lynne Newington

    August 13, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    I don’t know about Tim’s SSM campaign but he did raise the money for abuse victims to go to Rome……

  6. Mark Temby

    August 13, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    An apology of my own:
    In post #5 my thumb inadvertently stopped typing at “one” billion. I had heard two numbers being 100 billion and 150 billion and went with the lesser but omitted “hundred.” That wasn’t so hard so over to Rupert tomorrow for his apology.

  7. Mark Temby

    August 13, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    Then again, I still nail my sock to the chimney at Christmas.

  8. TGC

    August 13, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Bil Shorten was right to be agitated- the ‘Tim Minchin’ video shows what a ‘filfthy’ SSM campaign is being launched.

  9. Mark Temby

    August 13, 2017 at 7:59 pm

  10. john hayward

    August 13, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    You can understand why the Libs are so resistant to marriage equality becoming law.

    They are being left alone in the closet, still not completely free to express their truest love – dosh – and still compelled by political correctness to falsely proclaim their fidelity to abstract concepts such as fairness, democracy, and the public interest.

    We now see Matthew Guy and Bruce Billson being pilloried for simply doing what their limbic systems demand, while Malcolm, having already stuffed himself with an inordinate portion of the national pie, is excoriated for his seeming lack of hunger for much of anything else.

    John Hayward

  11. John Wade

    August 13, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    OH, can we add the next round of vaccination propaganda that states, the parents of children who do not vaccinate their children are RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of children who were vaccinated? – http://www.immunise.health.gov.au/

    How does this happen? Like, does vaccination vaccinate or not or does it only work when there is no transmissible disease lurking in some non-vaccinated child?

    It has long been held that antigenated cells introduced into the body were/are the most effective vaccine. What is now in vaccines? Please?

    Is all the contradiction to vaccines being safe treated as hippie/greenie rubbish or is the Murdochracy news streams part of a greater conspiracy? Are Big Pharmas a bankrolling institution, counting the dollars reaped? To fund …? What exactly?
    There is too much shit going on in this world at the moment.

    By the way Malcolm, you go and fight North Korea with your American compatriots, you, Lucy, your two children and their partners. We will look after the country while you are away.

  12. Lynne Newington

    August 13, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    I was a bit taken back in relation to the secrecy law made under the prime minister’s orders, surely it wasn’t a “captains pick”….http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-14/government-to-scrap-whistleblower-protections-immigration-centre/8802902

  13. Mark Temby

    August 13, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Chris, I heard on ABC RN this morning Murdoch’s Herald Sun (Melbourne) and Courier Mail (Brisbane) have headlined “Tax Bill.” So very, very clever and co-incidental. Usual crap about mums and dads paying more than an extra one billion dollars! (Small print: Over the next ten years; smaller print: Due to family trusts and negative gearing)

    Murdoch needs to evaluate his consumer base. I suspect it’s another own goal as most struggle with one mortgage and the family home is not held in trust (unlike most harbourside mansions).

    All this on the same day the LNP government introduces its second tranche of corporate tax cuts. One could argue the middle class welfare (trusts and NG) is being withdrawn due to the failure of big corporations to pay their past share.

  14. Chris

    August 13, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Welcome to Murdock week
    What did the creep order MT to do in the Senate this week?
    Will we be subject to a Murdock, Radio and TV, with the same propaganda as the Mockery?
    What instructions did Murdock in a Hall convey to the Fizza when he and “you are worse than me” met with Murdock on a carrier?
    Murdock week democracy down the drain!

  15. phill Parsons

    August 13, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    A “price on Carbon” which is what it was becomes a “great big Carbon tax” what it wasn’t under Abbott.

    Now a plebiscite under Abbott becomes a survey under Turdbull.

    Possibly an unauthorised expenditure and therefore illegal the fate of it will be decided by the High Court in early September.

    Abbott is having an extraordinary post PM legacy of disruption and degradation of the Lieberal brand he created in 2013.

  16. Mark Temby

    August 13, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    I found the confected outrage by the LNP and its supporters against Sam Dastyari telling. Poor old Sam, who was himself a beneficiary of a $1,600 expense payment, had the audacity on Australian Story to call for an end to all political donations. All railed against Sam for blatantly self promoting his new book but missed a key message on political donations. Somewhat like Urban’s war.

    The Australia Institute continues to lobby for a Federal ICAC and donation law reform. In order for a Federal ICAC to be effective laws need to be clear without exemptions. Exemptions equate to loopholes. Examples of loopholes include reasons for official travel, prescribed places for accommodation, foreign entities and related employment to name but a few. The resistance to reform from all major parties is against the proper and professional operation of our nation, people and democracy.

  17. philll Parsons

    August 13, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Making black and green money white have numerous courses involving business. Buy a business, keep it for a while, sell it and the money paid becomes white. A few government contracts in the interim don’t hurt so buying them as well can assist in colour transformations for a personal transmogrification.

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