Moonah Arts Centre

Badgers and Porcupines is a collection of stories and art from people living with younger onset dementia in Tasmania and it will be launched by the Honourable Elise Archer, Speaker of the House of Assembly at the Moonah Arts Centre on September 2, at 3pm.

This is a free event and open to the public though bookings are required (links below). The event will also feature a reading from client Steve Lamble, from his piece ‘A Day Remembered’ and young writer Lily Stojcevski, who was bought in to interpret the stories recorded over the last year.

Badgers and Porcupines contains stories of love, of cars, of tennis, of being the best nurse possible, of faith, of ducks and art. It is also a book about memory and what it means to live with memory loss. It is also a beautiful book full of art that has been created by the clients as part of the Artist in Residence program.

Younger onset dementia is often described as an invisible condition. It affects people under the age of 65, and sometimes as young as 30. People living with younger onset dementia are often misdiagnosed and struggle to find support in a community that generally associates dementia with old age.

The work has been created through the Artist In Residence program at Alzheimers Tasmania and with the support of Mercury Walch, printers.


First published August 23