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First published July 6

Footage available at: http://animal-lib.org.au/campaigns/animals-for-food/sheep-lamb-slaughter

Animal Liberation, an Australian animal rights charity, has today released additional never before seen footage from hidden cameras installed in the “award-winning” Tasmanian Quality Meats Abattoir in Cressy, Tasmania.

Footage from the facility released in May showed widespread and extreme cruelty causing RSPCA Australia to call for the facility to be closed down.

The authority responsible for investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), had been sitting on the footage since December 2016. Now, Animal Liberation is releasing more shocking footage in response to DPIPWE’s continued lack of appropriate action.

Animal Liberation claims that DPIPWE has not taken the RSPCA’s advice to close the facility nor have any prosecutions taken place.

The group states that they will continue to release the undercover vision to expose the evidence that DPIPWE are failing to act on.

The most recent release of vision shows over one hundred instances of animal cruelty with workers beating, kicking and throwing sheep and lambs, ineffective use of the electric stunner, and at least one instance of killing an animal without stunning them prior.

The un-stunned sheep had their throat sliced open while fully conscious. Sheep may take up to 70 seconds to bleed to death causing prolonged suffering. Again, DPIPWE have had this evidence since December 2016.

Spokesperson for Animal Liberation, Chris Delforce, said, “Sadly this inaction by the authorities has reinforced what we’ve always known – that instances like these, recorded over a period of just a few random days, are commonplace in Australian slaughterhouses and considered not worthy of investigating or prosecuting. We’ve chosen to release the footage publicly now, so that Australian consumers can be informed of what they’re paying for when they purchase animal products.”

The abattoir is the 13th individual facility to be exposed for cruelty in recent years ( see www.aussieabattoirs.com ).