Lyndcraft Boats is a great example of a Tasmanian business thriving under the Hodgman Liberal Government’s commitment to our growing aquaculture industry,
It was my pleasure today to attend the launch of six new Tasmanian-made vessels built by Lyndcraft Boats right here in St Helens, with a further six to come by the end of the year.
A sustainable aquaculture industry is vital for Tasmanian jobs and the economy in our regional areas and Lyndcraft Boats is reaping the benefits, with a recent expansion of their St Helens facility and workforce to deal with additional demand.
It’s a great demonstration of how the growth of the aquaculture industry has guaranteed employment for thousands of Tasmanians right across the state, not just by the salmon companies themselves but indirectly in other areas such as infrastructure manufacturing and trades.
The entire St Helens community is benefitting from our commitment to grow the sector and create jobs in our regional areas.

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure