First published July 15

Firstly a big thankyou to Kev, PJG, O’Brien, Service One, William, In The Loop, Alison, John, Andrea, Bill, William, Karin, Anon, Daniel, Casey, Ben Bradlee, Keith, Lynne, Bob, Claire, Geoffrey, ku ching, Poulton, Bob, Sir Andrew Bolt, Civil Liberties, Lufra, agtronix.

You regularly donate to Tassie Times. Without you, we’d be stuffed …

Now, to the promised mobile-friendly upgrade to which you guys contributed $3600.

It has become a tad more convoluted than first thought … and a tad more expensive, not least because of the huge volume of archives in little Tassie Times’ near-15 year existence.

But we will get there … eventually.

Bear with us … it won’t happen overnight (nothing ever does) … but it will happen …

*Lindsay Tuffin has been a journo since 1969, mainly in Tassie apart from a few years elsewhere in Oz, and in Pomland where he had a brief stint as a youth worker and where for five years he edited ‘Buzz’ – a magazine dealing with church and social issues and which was beaten in audit circulation in the Specialist Interest category by Aero Modeller magazine …!