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Incredibly, it has cost the Federal Liberal Government $70 million in compensation to more than 1900 asylum seekers detained at Manus Island in a landmark deal thought to be Australia’s largest-ever human rights-related settlement.

The government will also pay the asylum seekers’ legal costs, estimated at $20 million. ( Guardian HERE ).

The Federal Libs rolled over quickly and will pay up … simply because they do not have a leg to stand on …

Labor is also in the gun for its recent history of internment of asylum seekers for daring to board boats.

And then Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott attack the payout ( Guardian HERE ).

The cruelty of Australia’s regime of imprisonment for exercising the UN-convention-right-of-refugees to seek a safe place … is beyond imagining. Except the refugees on Manus (and Nauru) experienced all of it. The cost of running Manus and Nauru is already in the billions.

I’m left without words …

*Lindsay Tuffin has been a journo since 1969, mainly in Tassie apart from a few years elsewhere in Oz, and in Pomland where he had a brief stint as a youth worker and where for five years he edited ‘Buzz’ – a magazine dealing with church and social issues and which was beaten in audit circulation only by the Specialist Interest category of Aero Modeller magazine …!

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