*Pic: Pieman Heads 4WD October 2016 … When one track is worn out … start another … Pic: MA

Pic: Illegal … A 4WD track is clearly visible through a midden

Illegal … two ATVs passed the group …

Illegal … the purpose-built barge …

Vica Bayley and a trailer-load of rubbish collected during the visit …

Collecting the rubbish …

First published June 1

The Wilderness Society has written to Tasmanian Environment Minister Matthew Groom, urging him to act on illegal 4WD access to the takayna coastline and drop his irresponsible and immoral plan to expand destructive 4WD access to this internationally significant Aboriginal cultural landscape.

The Wilderness Society and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre have been running a collaborative on-Country project to record aboriginal heritage and remove 4WD rubbish and marine debris from the coastline. Their last field trip was interrupted by two all-terrain vehicles that were illegally accessing the coast via a purpose-built barge.

“This coastline is globally significant for its Aboriginal cultural landscape and vehicles have been explicitly prohibited to protect precious heritage sites like middens, tool scatters and artefacts,” said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for the Wilderness Society.

“Despite this, a purpose built barge is being used to deliver vehicles to the takayna coast to break the law.

“This barge has no conceivable purpose but to facilitate a breach of the law.

Mr Groom has a responsibility and obligation to act and see it removed from the Pieman River permanently.

The Federal Court has confirmed the special values of the area and the fact that Minister Groom does not have the power to simply open these tracks.

“This gave the Tasmanian Government the opportunity to ‘save face’ and drop the irresponsible and immoral policy of expanding these tracks.

“Minister Groom seems determined to ignore the opportunity to drop this destructive proposal and push ahead with an application to the Commonwealth Government to open these tracks.

“What a waste of time and energy and a backward step at a time his Government is seeking to ‘reset’ its relationship with Aboriginal Tasmania.

“Minister Groom should drop his destructive and divisive plan and get on with the job of properly protecting Aboriginal Heritage and respecting the incredible significance this cultural landscape holds for Tasmania and all Tasmanians, not least the Aboriginal community.

To access a 6 minute TAC/TWS film on the on-Country collaboration click here: https://vimeo.com/217848916

For access to footage of the illegal ATVs download it here: https://vimeo.com/217848916