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Graham Hooper’s new book A Better Way To Live shares his love of the Old Testament books of Psalms and Proverbs

At the book’s launch in Melbourne on Friday night he said Proverbs and Psalms as two books that “have been a great inspiration to me because they show us the power and love and justice of God and call for our reponse.”

Graham Hooper, a former senior executive with a global infrastructure company which has taken him to over 20 countries around the world, believes that together Proverbs and Psalms still have power to speak to 21st century people, even though they were written 2500 years ago.

Speaking at the launch he said, “Proverbs and Psalms portray a beautiful picture of a better way to live. Better than the bleak emptiness of secular matarialism and better than formal religion, because the Christian faith, as revealed in the Bible, is about the reality of the almighty God who reaches out in grace to lost people.”

The Executive Director of the London Insitute for Contemporrary Christianity, Mark Greene, says, “Energetic, refreshing, rich in wisdom and compelling in application, Graham Hooper’s book displays a joyous ability to zoom into the heart of a proverb or psalm, zoom out to connect it to the wider witness of the Bible, and then pan across the centuries to our twenty-first century context and explore its implications for discipleship and mission with acuity and compassion, historic and contemporary examples, and his own wide-ranging life experience.”

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