The Labor party’s answer to the Coalition’s three-word slogans in the 2016 Federal election was three words written on big banners: Jobs. Education. Medicare.

If that format looks familiar it’s because three-word slogans with full stops after each word are fashionable in the PR and advertising industry, and they’re not new. One of the better-known slogans of this kind is …

Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

… which was used by Wrangler Jeans in the late 1990s.

The format has also become fashionable in the public service, with “media and communications” mandarins stringing together nice-sounding words in meaningless ways. A recent example is the slogan

Discover. Imagine. Together.

… for Seniors Week in Tasmania, 10-16 October. It’s a punctuated and properly capitalised echo of LINC Tasmania’s dreadful …

learn discover access

If you spot other “Just. Three. Words.” slogans, post them in the comments.

A good place to look would be among Tasmania’s school mottos, which are wonderfully banal. Here’s one from Ulverstone Primary School:

Together today for tomorrow

The Latin school mottos of past years reminded readers that Western education once had something to do with Latin — for maybe 700 years? But it wouldn’t surprise me to see this in 2016:

Real. Good. School.

*Bob Mesibov is retired and lives in Ulverstone. When he’s not in the bush hunting millipedes he’s often busy coding. His scientific papers are listed here [ ] and his coding efforts here [ ].

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