The continued promotion of the two old parties by the public broadcaster leaves Australian voters ill-informed about their choices, an inbuilt bias running from the journalists and management into the electorate.

In comparison, the Australian Conservation Foundation has recognized there are three parties involved in the struggle for government, two old party laggards and a Green leader in the area of the ACF’s interest.

The ABC’s failure is to not trust the public to determine its own interest on a full and frank exposure of the whole story but to instead arrogantly decide Auntie knows best. It is not the role of the publicly-funded broadcaster to censor the political offer when a Party has representatives in various jurisdictions elected by voters. It is more like a State broadcaster acting in the interest of the power elite.

The ACF mentions the Greens last in its media release of the 32st of May, listing the parties from the Liberals at a low 11% through a bare pass for Labor at 53% to the Greens at the highest, 77%: “Environment scorecard: Coalition woeful, lags behind Labor and Greens”

In covering this story the ABC fails to mention the Greens in the lead or the coverage, posing the ACF’s ranking as a contest between Coles and Woolies, a dumb-and-dumber approach to informing the Australian voters of measured opinions on the parties by an experienced and long-standing special interest group.

We see this ABC of bias repeated in many forms. For example, the tired old format of the leaders’ debate. with Laura Tingle of the Australian Financial Review hardly able find enthusiasm when off-camera as the on-messages drones drone on from the old blah-de-blah.

Yet when Richard Di Natale appears on a Regional Leaders Debate or on Q@A the audience and one assumes the viewers are enlivened by the contributions of the Green leader.

One must ask is the ABC seeking an award for creating a boring election. Certainly Sky News is doing much better, unafraid to expose Green candidates views to their paying audience.

And it is not just a matter of fairness. We know the ABC has many years of fair coverage of the climate issue, from the facts to informed opinion, including last Tuesday’s Drum, also on the 31st of May.

Here the implications of delayed action on our environment and economy were made as clear as a panel can do in 30 minutes. We know from other sources that we have a very limited time to take comprehensive action. One of the old parties almost recognizes this with it’s 45% renewable energy target.

Supposedly educated journalists and managers at the ABC are apparently unable to recognize that this is the last chance to save a semblance of a Great Barrier Reef, a thing they show for their audience but which will be lost to all Australians of the old parties continue with their policy of new coal mines.

Today the ABC carried a report where it was posited that if we want to meet the targets agreed in Paris we can open no-new coal-fired power stations and logically it would follow we don’t need new coal mines standing capital in an industry that we must shut down to save the life that underpins our economy.

The ABC has failed Australians again and this time it may cost all of us dearly as the investments we have made in the future through our families, our communities and our work is through a preconceived bias turned into a nightmare for those who have to live in the future.

I see Voting 1 Green for Life as my only option. I hope that readers who are able to comprehend the evidence before them also take that option. There is No Planet B.

*phill Parsons was reviewing his scribbles, seeking reference to Ellen Whinnett, one of the panellists on the first Turnbull-Shorten blah-de-blah. When Whinnett worked at the Mercury she made the mistake of declaring latte-sipping inner-city chardonnay socialists and doctors wives’ resident in all capitals except Hobart, at that time the greenest-voting capital. He was moved to write this before Sydney Trains decided to break a contractual arrangement with the Greens advertising on public transport. Bias and stupidity combined with string pulling by the old guard who want to keep everything the same. Now he sends it in the hope of publication. Written and authorised by phill Parsons on behalf of phill Parsons, a voter.