ABCC legislation rejected giving Coalition double dissolution trigger

Senate rejects Australian Building and Construction Commission legislation for a second time, giving government trigger to request governor general dissolve both houses of parliament – all the developments from Canberra

One little moment in history. The senate gives the Turnbull government a double dissolution election trigger.

It’s possible the prime minister will address the House of Representatives shortly.

Live, The Guardian HERE

ABC: Election campaign unofficially begins as Senate votes down corruption watchdog bill

• Luigi in Comments: Great! An election has been called. I guess we’ll start hearing something from our current MPs now. It seems that even Nikolic has departed Canberra and is prowling the streets of Launceston looking for a hand to shake. It’s a pity that nobody recognises him.

ABC: Malcolm Turnbull confirms ABCC will trigger double dissolution election Australians will likely go to the polls in a double dissolution election on July 2, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed.

ABC: Arthur Sinodinos to be called before inquiry into political donations Cabinet Secretary Arthur Sinodinos will be required to appear before a new federal parliamentary inquiry into political donations. The inquiry into donations and associated entities will be established following a successful Labor motion in the Senate, passed by the Upper House this evening. … It follows a report issued by the NSW Electoral Commission last month, in which it announced it was withholding more than $4 million in public funding from the NSW division of the Liberal Party, unless it disclosed the identity of donors pushing funds through the party’s fundraising body.