With State Parliament returning on Tuesday after a three month break, I have written to the Leader of the Opposition requesting that the energy crisis, TWWHA fires, CSIRO sackings, POMS outbreak, Health underfunding and Hobart gridlock be prioritised over Labor’s planned motion of No Confidence in the Speaker.

A copy of the letter is downloadable below …

The three Greens’ MPs are concerned valuable and scarce Parliamentary time will be spent debating a matter which has little to do with the pressing issues currently facing Tasmania.

While we appreciate that questions of Confidence need to be resolved, we believe the focus on Parliament’s return should be Minister Groom’s inept handling of the energy portfolio and the Basslink crisis which is costing the State dearly.

Minister Groom also needs to be challenged on his lengthy delay in requesting more support to fight the fires in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Minister Ferguson needs to explain why it is that a 95 year old woman was made to wait on the Emergency Department floor for hospital treatment in our underfunded health system, while Minister Hidding has some serious explaining to do to commuters in Southern Tasmania.

State Parliament has not sat for three months.

Tasmanians will be expecting us to ask the questions they want answered on the very serious issues of the day.

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