Dr Baljit Singh
Knowledge wisdom left behind
HE crosses us the river
In HIS mercy
In HIS way
We meet HIM across the river

HIS doors do not close
They open us forever
All souls together
We meet HIM across the river
Embracing our life
We remember HIM together
HE lives in our heart
HE crosses us the river

Dr. Baljit Singh
Wednesday 18th March 2009

TRUE STORY – 17th century

17th Century
Brown and blue eyes met
Brown boot and suit
Blue simple and elegant
Hands in hand
Church near the roadside

Prayers to meet next day
Meeting next day
Brown belonged to wealthy
Blue to elegance
Nothing much to say
While departing both cried
Lord’s witness
Eyes were crying
If there is one
They promised to meet next life

Dr. Baljit Singh
Thursday 2nd April 2009