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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Xenophobia is killing our Planet

Dying … humankind’s impact is everywhere … even in the ring-barked environment of suburbia …

Xenophobia (both human and ecological) is raging worldwide. Yet we are all Earthlings and life on Earth has always migrated. The Khoisan are the first known inhabitants of Africa, and African elephants and lions once roamed North America; America’s bison, bear and deer immigrated from Eurasia, while horses, which evolved in the States, radiated outwards, returning home to be shot as aliens.

Historically, the mass hysteria of rhetoric-spurred xenophobia has sucked reason and compassion from sections of whole countries. Propaganda supporting Hitler’s racial-purity infected Germans to hate Jews who were vilified as pigs. In Rwanda, the genocide of the Tutsi tribe began with the Hutus defaming them as cockroaches. In South Africa, foreign nationals have been slandered as lice and ticks. While in ecological warfare, exotic plants are demonized as cancers and monsters. Those brainwashed by this illogical prejudice, tend to overlook their own ancestral origins and their personal culpability about the very things they fear and denounce in more recent arrivals in our war-torn world now over-flowing with desperate refugees.

Essentially we are all settlers at any given time. Definitions of nativeness are changed at whim by invasion biologists who measure other creatures via a creed they themselves do not exemplify. ‘Alien’ plant species are destroyed country-wide, drastically disrupting ecosystems for the slightest inconvenience to native species or commercial interests. South Africa’s multi-billion rand Working for Water, the world’s largest ever tree-cutting campaign, is a terrifying example. Levelling countless rain-drawing trees on a planet already suffering from tree-loss-induced global warming, is tantamount to blood-letting an already haemorrhaging patient. Far from saving water, the dire rainfall deficit has devastated South Africa with widespread drought causing a conservatively-estimated R400 million loss to livestock and crops in KwaZulu-Natal alone.

Unprecedented ferocious winds, fires, floods, heat waves, violent storms and catastrophic disasters are battering our over-populated planet, our ice caps melting faster, its creatures dying. And it is no wonder: armed with poisons, the world’s chemical corporations have dressed themselves in Xenophobia, using it as a front to motivate and mask their hugely-profitable, unceasing nature destruction. In a study published in the journal Science this year, 18 international researchers found that human abuse has so disrupted complex interactions between oceans, land and atmosphere that the earth is becoming inhospitable to life. Johan Rockstrom, professor of environmental science at Stockholm University, gravely concluded that, for the first time in human history, we risk destabilizing the entire planet.

Only enough ecosystems, essential for regulating Earth’s climate, keep our civilization from extinction, and scientists estimate we’d have to return as much as 40% of all land to nature to regain long-term stability. Britain’s James Lovelock says we can all help by letting portions of our gardens go wild. Forest ecologist at Stellenbosch University, Dr Coert Geldenhuys, explained in an article how alien infestations repair forests when indigenous trees can’t fill the pioneering role, rehabilitating the soil before dying out, allowing natives to return. This Earth-healing is harmless, sustainable and free, yet fanatics continue mutilating and pollut-ing, with depraved indifference leaving countless creatures, (both native and alien, seen and unseen) homeless, poisoned and dying – as recently verified by scores of dead baby weaver birds strewn amid an axed casuarina forest. Yet ever more prominent ecologists the likes of David Theodoropoulos, Mark Davis, Matthew Chew, Ken Thompson and Dov Sax, see a bigger picture with the role of invasive aliens far more complex and beneficial than generally believed. Fred Pearce (author of THE NEW WILD) puts it all in a nutshell: invasives re-boot Earth’s man-damaged ecosystems to help nature withstand global warming.

AT WAR WITH NATURE, a powerful exposé by New Zealand conservationist W F Benfield (available on AMAZON) reveals that the chemical industry in league with blindly-believing invasion followers who manufacture the crises needed to justify saturating our planet with poisons, are now offering their lethal services to the uninhabited islands of other lands. They were recently enlisted to rid our own Marion Island of mice. But Benfield believes this ‘extinction industry’ (as he succinctly describes it) uses deceit, staged photographs and chemicals to do far more harm to resident wildlife than any pest explosion ever could. (Watch POISONING PARADISE on YouTube.) The shockingly inhumane poison 1080 (banned in most countries) is regularly released over New Zealand where corporate conservation plans to render the entire country predator-free. Naturally, once predators are eradicated, their prey will multiply to plague proportions – creating unending opportunities for ever-hungry chemical corporations.

Man’s agriculture is presently eating away so much of the planet’s diminishing wilderness that the European Union and United Nations called for a global shift to a vegan diet to alleviate global warming caused by livestock farming and chemical poisoning. Recently the World Health Organization finally verified a study linking Roundup to cancer after hundreds of studies with similar findings were skewed or suppressed for 30 years. This tumour-causing herbicide was also connected to a mystery kidney disease which killed up to 20,000 farmworkers labouring in extreme heat in Central America, India and Sri Lanka. Scores of Argentinean farmers are suing Monsanto over their infant children’s birth defects, including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, psychomotor retardation, missing fingers and blindness.

Roundup leaches nutrients from the soil, damages micro-organisms, kills earth worms and stimulates unstoppable super weeds. In Australasia it has killed 3 frog species, and, according to World Health statistics, the mere careless use of glyphosate-containing herbicides sickens and kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide annually. Besides damaging the digestive tracts of animals and humans, incidences of once-rare diseases have soared since its use, linking it to Alzheimer’s, attention deficit disorder, autism, asthma and infertility. Workers spraying from backpacks are at risk simply by breathing in spray drift. Destroying harmless naturalized vegetation with chainsaws and deadly carcinogens, xenophobia, in bed with the chemical industry, is a danger to all life.

Pietermaritzburg’s beloved Art in the Park has to move next year because the original river-side site has been so degraded by felled trees, and everywhere gracious Jacaranda trees lining our streets stand tragically ring-barked and dying. In the decades since this merciless ethnic cleansing started, our bees have been poisoned to the edge of extinction, our butterflies, birds, rare frogs and chameleons as well as common-place insects and microscopic organisms essential to planet life, vanishing from our shrinking vegetation, while our polluted waterways and seas have vast chemical dead-zones, and scores of fish suffocate when poison-sprayed water-plants suck oxygen from the water whilst dying en masse.

In Pietermaritzburg, magnificent five-storey tall bamboo in the once-beautiful stream-side park behind the Beacon Hill apartment block, were recently hacked and poisoned, risking the stream and its life-forms and resident geese and ducks, as well as the city’s ground water. Helicopters dropped clouds of poisonous herbicide on dagga growing amid hill-side food crops belonging to impoverished KwaZulu-Natal villagers. In the US, tons of chemicals dumped into Lake Michigan to kill one ‘alien’ fish, killed hundreds of thousands while brain-washed con-servationists and scientists cheered. American animal advocate, Nathan Winograd, reflected that in the hopeless battle to return America to a mythical ecological state, slaughter without end has been proposed.

The effects of removing everything arbitrarily judged to be foreign are incalculable. Migrating thousands of miles, the incredible monarch butterfly – a precious natural wonder – has dropped an astounding 90% in numbers since milk weed was killed by herbicides. The worldwide massacre of plants and creatures sometimes just miles ‘out of place’ have evoked unlikely alliances between hunters and vegans who fear Earth’s animals are being wiped out. Andrew Tyler, Britain’s Animal Aid director, believes that the growing appetite for ‘alien’ blood is driving the slaughter of animals scapegoated for human-committed environmental abuses.

America’s Agricultural Department recently revealed that since 1997 it has destroyed a staggering 27 million animals by aerial snipers, poisons and traps, to help dessert bighorn sheep, deer and pronghorn. This alien killing mania spread quickly to unwanted natives. Elk, cougar, fox, bobcats, coyotes, badgers, prairie dogs, bears, wolves, wild longhorn, burros and horses – creatures which once filled us with wonder – among those left to rot that. Alien disdain is worldwide: mustangs are killed lest they damage native plants, Britain’s grey squirrels destroyed to bring back the red, its deer culled to protect wildflowers, Canada Geese shot for dropping scat on pathways, while South Africa’s own shameful hit list includes the endangered black Kenya rhinoceros. Are purist’s any better than rhino poachers?

This madness, instigated and exonerated by invasion biology, is done at the unknowing tax-payers expense. With our living green world turning into a dead planet there have been increasing calls from the public, social sciences and ecology itself, for invasion biology to end. It is the only ‘scientific’ field ever doubted, and this, as they themselves admit, via a virtual ‘cottage industry’ of critical scientific articles, and even death-wishing obituaries in well-respected publications. Many regard this unproved discipline as money-making deceptive hype, xenophobic, immoral, cruel, nonsensical, climate changing and earth endangering. An English review of the book LA GRANDE INVASION explains the inspiring perspective of French ecologist, Jacques Tassin, who adjures conservationists to reconcile man to a new alliance with the living world, including invasives, which he believes are symptoms of pollution testifying to ‘ a richness for tomorrow’.

Invasion Biology has given chemical corporations an excuse to devastate our beautiful planet on a scale never seen before. We’ve become a world at war with itself. If this suicidal pseudo-science is not abolished, Earth’s millions of life-forms are doomed. Humanity has forgotten the spirit and intelligence innate in the wild: before it is too late we should unshackle nature to help heal itself. It’s time we all denounced what we’ve unknowingly allowed to happen. Mahatma Gandhi said: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ We should empathize with terrified foreign nationals and innocent creatures persecuted and killed through xenophobia’s ugly ethos, and remember that Christ himself identified with the alien Samaritans of this world, declaring: ‘What ye do unto the least of these my brethren, ye do also unto me.’

*Gloria Keverne is a South African environmental activist and the international bestselling author of A MAN CANNOT CRY and BROKEN WINGS. She can be emailed at glory@chrysalis-dreams.co.za

New York Times: A renegade trawler, hunted for 10,000 miles by vigilantes

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  1. Robin Charles Halton

    August 10, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    I reckon that Elizabeth Koegel #15 has now “done a runner”.

    Thanks Ed for the offer if she choose to resubmit her comment, very fair indeed.

  2. Robin Charles Halton

    August 8, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    #15 Elizabeth your remarks here are way off the planet!

    I would love to know what was edited as we could have begun a real discussion, please repeat and at least I might have the chance to grasp with your “problem” with my comments!

    #13, Richard Browne very true most of the Chinese business investment backed by their Communist government is parasitic (as you put it).

    I would guess that the FTA’s will show up some interesting follies by our “astute” Federal government who has make ” heavens knows” how many promises or commitments.

    It seems all a bit fuzzy for the moment, that’s what I gather from Andrew Robb’s rather uncomfortable and vague media exposure to date

    A number of examples are already known, for example is or was the intention by of placing a 35 Km2 coal mine with a 30 year life span on prime agricultural land ( Food Bowl country) on the Liverpool plains in NSW.

    The Chinese who care less about environment would grab at anything in this country and run rough shod even over local politicians who also need to sharpen up their national pride skills before handing over more of our food bowl country for export coal production effectively ruining long term responsible land use.

    Encouraging and then becoming dependent on the invasive species, the Chinese could ultimately sour relationships between our two countries if the Captain’s call continues!

    Maybe its a blessing in disguise that export coal at least for the moment is down on price and demand has slowed.

    First and foremost Australia now has the time to rethink the best way forward especially if Chinese economy remains unclear.

    Editor’s note: If you choose to resubmit Elizabeth please read the TT code of conduct http://oldtt.pixelkey.biz/index.php/pages/legalbits

  3. Elizabeth Koegel

    August 7, 2015 at 10:11 am

    RCH and others – start another Hate Campaign. What about invasion biology?

    But don’t bother searching anymore for ‘disappeared’ flight MH370. Credible witnesses state clearly that MH370 was hijacked by an electronic automation piloting system, and flown to Diego Garcia, so please go ask the great USA for those 239 people back alive NOW!


  4. Robin Charles Halton

    August 7, 2015 at 6:58 am

    #12 Elizabeth Koegel,

    The situation is becoming very complex with Russia and among its European neighbours including the Ukraine where no effective ceasefire agreement exists.

    France has now cancelled a military deal with Russia to supply two new Mistal class helicopter carriers in response the lack of a ceasefire in the Ukraine, Russia’s reluctance in engage with a MH17 inquiry, concerns froms its Baltic neighbours the US and other allies.

    Our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop along with the Netherlands and France want the proper investigation of shooting down of MH17, so far Mr Putin is not cooperating.

    Russia’s close ally the Assad regime in the Middle East now has Russian supplied BUK weapons systems same as the one that shot down MH17.

    Syria and Russia are talking about increased military support to fight ISIS and others opposing the Assad regime despite its own crimes against humanity.

    Tensions are real, even for Australia we are involved as we wish to finally put to rest the MH 17 disaster.

  5. Richard Browne

    August 5, 2015 at 11:51 pm

    Yes the Chinese are indeed a parasitic race (in my view) …like it or not..

  6. Elizabeth Koegel

    August 5, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    So Robin thank you for your comment.

    I think you are off-target because we are speaking about invasion biology not communism, and we are speaking about the xenophobia inherent and attached to that belief system. Yes Robin, so your comments are based on facts but we are unable to actually know what is really happening in that Russian conflict – we are told lies instead of true facts, and we are far removed from that place. But Russia did stop all-out nuclear war in Syria.

    However it’s quite clear that there is a war against nature and that is something we can all investigate and attempt to change. We can stop the environmental gravy-train mentality and its inherent corruption and cover-ups in all our countries. People generally are waking up to this mass destruction and nuking of nature.

    Racism, sexism, invasion biology, every kind of division and the use of mass murder accomplishes only lunatic goals for lunatics. Like Mr Hitler. And Mr Stalin. And Pol Pot. And and – Idi Amin. We must increase our own awareness so this stops.

    Meanwhile current invasion biology environmental practices are killing the rarest species on earth, disguised as global “protective” mechanisms. We can change this Robin. We don’t need to be willing conduits for chemical poisoning practices that are currently destroying and de-populating our planet. And we can stop supporting the feeding frenzy of global apparatchicks and their fake protection programmes.

  7. Robin Charles Halton

    August 5, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    #10 Elizabeth Koegal,
    Russians under Mr Putin are heading back into communism.

    Russians although Caucasian in features they think as authoritarian Asiatics.

    Ask anyone coming from former Czechoslavakia how they were treated by the Russians after the Prague Spring of 1968

    Ukrainians are more European that is why they wanted to join the European Union, Putin by invading the Ukraine has put a stop to that.

    Ukrainians had no choice other than to compromise to defeat, otherwise a full scale war may have been likely outcome affecting other parts of Europe.

    It would have been hard for Europe to stand by while Ukrainians would have been slaughtered by the Russians in their millions.

    Do not ever trust Russians under the current regime, anything could happen a full scale war in Europe is always possible, I would not like to be living on their borders.

    My remarks are not racist but are facts relating to the current Russian regime order.

  8. Elizabeth Koegel

    August 5, 2015 at 12:47 am

    Thank you Gloria Keverne for your excellent report. But get a grip people! All this Chinese / Russian / Immigrant / Classist and Racist / Nature World hatred / belief in Invasive Biology and poisoning. I believe that you are sane humans but are being swindled by the current environmental xenophobia – so you erroniously blame the Chinese! I will not stand for racism. AT ALL. Stop being arrogant, spoilt brats.

    With this kind of inbred hatred I can’t see a future for humanity – but if we understand our responsibility in being human because we all share the same planet, breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same food, have the same needs and feelings and even share a similar form – then we’ll be moving on towards a better future. But no xenophobic, racist baggage is allowed so get a grip and change yourselves you haters. Realise the truth – especially in South Africa where the soil is raw with blood, conquest, theft and hatred.

    Look into your hearts and see what you are made of – is it anger and resentment or is it bravery, strength and truth? Be part of the solution not part of the problem.

    Read New Zealander, Bill Benfield’s excellent book, available on
    Amazon e-books – “AT WAR WITH NATURE”. Bill explains where these devastating invasion biology policies came from and what we can do to stop the haemorrhaging of our natural wealth and environmental resources.

    Look at this weeks big news of the death of Cecil the Magnificent Zimbabwean Lion – if Robert Mugabe cared about wildlife, and he wasn’t stealing all the gold he can dig up in his country and in the Congo, and sending it via his Spanish lawyer daughter to the family’s bank account in a Zurich Swiss Bank – then Cecil would still be alive.

    But for USD$50,000 the Unites States game hunter / aka dentist paid a Zim farmer to hunt and kill Cecil by firing his arrows into Cecil’s body. They returned the next day when Cecil was dead – who knows if they skinned Cecil (maybe that was part of the package deal?) hoping to take a nice little hunting trophy home. But now the dentist will be arrested if he appears in the USA and at his dental practise there is tons of hate mail. Oxford University (who tagged him) have been given millions of pounds to restore his head and have it featured in a glass case at the animal park. Yes, the dentist had paid to take Cecil’s head home as a hunting trophy.

    And never ever let a racist or discriminatory word pass your lips, nor a racist joke be told in your presence, this is the only option – and it’s called ZERO TOLERANCE.

    At this critical time – when all the animal and bird societies only protect their charity status, and fat bank balances, and government bureaucrats, autocrats and aparartchicks get kick-backs (Melema!!!!) it’s time us Joe Public Humans try harder to help the creatures (flora and fauna) that need us now – they cannot speak so we must speak on their behalf. Stop invasive species programmes – and as they say, be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Remember that our children listen and learn from our example.

    Finally I want to ask the haters, what sort of example are we giving our children and what is our legacy? Change is essential.

  9. Russell

    August 4, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    You really should have a read of just Tasmania’s environmental Health Card regarding fresh and marine pollution, species loss/extinction, land salinity, air pollution, forest destruction (for no profit, just spite) and other land abuses from the mining and chemical agricultural sectors.

    Being marginally better than places like China, Indonesia, etc doesn’t make us any better.

  10. JDN

    August 4, 2015 at 6:18 pm


    Russell please,

    Australia has some of the strictest agricultural and environmental safety regulations on the planet.

    Trade agreements like the TPP put our safety regulations on home soil at risk.

  11. Russell

    August 3, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    Re #5
    “now that we are genearally on top of things environmentally”

    What!? You are blind (in my view).

  12. Russell

    August 3, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    It would just take a load of a commonly eaten poisoned food to come from China and there’d be a mass killing before anyone did anything.

    What if China instantly pulled all their food supplies from us? Where’s it going to come from immediately after that?

  13. Robin Charles Halton

    August 3, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    The Chinese economic invaders are examples of a race that effectively preys upon our country for opportunities in real estate and now our capacity to provide an food bowl future for much of Asia’a unsustainable population targets.

    Those posing within our parliamentary system supposedly minding our national interest need to get real about what these free trade agreements will really mean left to us by former PM’ Gillard’s “Asian Century”approach.

    #3 Mike Bolan, the last thing I want to see in Australia now that we are genearally on top of things environmentally are third world agricultural practices ( agricultural chemical abuse) being played out on our vast soil and water resources to grow grains, vegetables, fruit and stock by foreign entities who either own or manage tracts of land on our continent.

  14. Russell

    August 2, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    Re #1
    “And amongst humanity xenophobia is about personal and genetic survival. It’s perfectly natural”

    No, it’s about ignorance, greed and having no understanding connection whatsoever to the planet.

  15. Mike Bolan

    August 2, 2015 at 6:44 pm

    What’s it all about? Well it seems that when a dominant species has outlived its usefulness to the ecology of the world around it, the most efficient way to eliminate the threat (to the rest of the planet) is for us to destroy ourselves.

    Actually we’re not doing a bad job of it and if environmental pollution, disease, fire, floods and other catastrophes don’t do the job, there’re killer robots being built that can act autonomously.

    From the perspective of the planet’s ecology, we shall not be missed. In fact it’s hard to see what we’ve contributed over the centuries that has helped our environment or other species.

    If the earth were a shared resource, then we’d be living in squalor having torn up the carpets to allow the seweage to flow more readily, and burned all the furniture to help keep us warm.

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing our damage deposit back.

  16. Chris

    August 2, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    one tree picture have a look at Harrassmania and clear fell too.

  17. George Smiley

    August 2, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    All of us are desperate in these times but it isn’t so easy as picking on some unpleasant aspect of our species and attributing the fall to it. Yes, migrations have been going on a long time. And amongst humanity xenophobia is about personal and genetic survival. It’s perfectly natural; as American as apple pie. as British as bangers and mash, as HUMAN as all our most successful and endearing qualities. The first thing you have missed is the mathematics of reproduction. Every niche is already full even if that isn’t obvious, and if it isn’t each and every organism is capable of doing its/ our part so it won’t be in a short lifetime or two. Can the Kenyans take more Somalis? Not if you look at the size of their shrinking subsistence farms; divided fairly amongst each new generation. And Ruanda didn’t start with someone yelling ‘cockroach.’ The Malthusian disaster in Africa began with us westerners, subduing the life and death tribal struggles, then disease and famine occasionally and trading true faiths and immortality for their devil worship which we considered a reasonable trade for all their earthly resources which they didn’t appreciate anyway. It seems they didn’t have the wherewithal or demand to convert them to money. If only they could have set aside their traditional enmities and exterminated us immigrants; (especially the really vicious ones like the Belgians and Dutch) perhaps the continent would be a better place. But I suspect they would have been subverted anyway.

    And other invasives? Say melaleucas in Florida. Some fool brought them in because they made nice ornamentals that nothing would eat and his nursery business might thereby prosper. Without natural controls which is to say a long-term place in the ecology they take over everything and nothing -birds, animals, insects or people – can live where they are allowed to reach equilibrium based on competition with each other. Perhaps in 10 million years a succession of ice sheets would push them out or an insect ecology might evolve in such times of privation to eat them and then other immigrants might find a place and that brave new ecology would regard their hosts as a beneficial pioneer species. But it will never be us; not advocating Monsanto products just stating a fact.

    The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse wasn’t chosen for nothing. It is Conquest; the slow and grinding attrition of the social standing, wealth, health, numbers and culture of the defeated; by whatever means.

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