The ST.ART Street Art Festival at Rosny Farm is on in August, encouraging young Tasmanians to explore creative ways of making street art, in an effort to reduce graffiti in the Clarence municipality.

For the first time in its seven year history the ST.ART Festival is exploring new territory, launching the program’s first ST.ART Expo, on Saturday, 22 August from 11am-3pm.

Mayor Doug Chipman said the Festival allowed young people, teachers and artists to share their unique art techniques, inspiring younger artists to pursue non-destructive art forms.

“The Clarence City Council continues to take the lead with young artists, helping them channel their talent toward something the whole community can appreciate,” Mr Chipman said.

“By providing creative alternatives to ‘tagging’, we are supporting young Tasmanians and facilitating their need to express themselves in a way that doesn’t involve anti-social behaviour.

“The ST.ART expo will be supplying a free barbecue, stencil zone and plenty of surprise activities, making it a great day for everyone to get involved.”

For the first time, the 2015 ST.ART Festival is bringing local cross-disciplinary artist Selena de Carvalho to collaborate on a large-scale project involving time lapse film, as well as artists Nicole Robson and Carolyn Amos, who will host a sticky tape sculpture zone.

Local artists Rob O’Connor and ‘Brain Foetus’ will also be hosting the Zine Lab, and Dexter and Seven will lead the free-spray areas.

ST.ART 2015 will also feature performances from the world famous Jim Henson Studio, who will be presenting fortune-telling freestyle hip-hop puppet Madam Moonshine, as well as DJ Wax Doctor West.

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Dane Hunnerup Program Officer Arts & Events Clarence City Council