The Hodgman Liberal Government took to the election a range of new funding initiatives to improve mental health services and help fix the broken mental health system we inherited from the Labor-Green Government.

One of these initiatives was a $300,000 investment in Grassroots Mental Health, which will see mental health outreach services delivered through the statewide Neighbourhood House network.

The Mental Illness Fellowship has now been selected to deliver these outreach services from Neighbourhood House and Centres.

The Mental Illness Fellowship and Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania will work together closely to provide these services in the safe, community environment of neighbourhood houses to assist people experiencing mental illness.

Tasmania’s 35 Neighbourhood and Community Houses have become the lifeblood of many communities, supporting thousands of Tasmanians in need.

The Liberal Government’s investment of $300,000 into providing mental health outreach services allows them to deliver yet another important support service to their communities.

We are also continuing to work on a comprehensive long-term Plan for mental health as part of the Rethink Mental Health project.

It’s clear from the recently released review report that there have been for many years a wide range of concerns and issues with the broken mental health system.

Our comprehensive 10-year plan to fix the broken mental health system will be released in October and will detail immediate, short-term and long-term actions we will take to address the many service gaps in mental health.
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health