Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White has labelled the Liberal Government’s response to the concerns of paramedics insulting and patronising.

Emergency Management Minister Rene Hidding has dismissed the concerns of ambulance paramedics who are working excessive amounts of overtime.

When asked about the issue, the Minister said “it doesn’t get much better than us announcing 12 new paramedic positions to be funded in the very near future” (Southern Cross News, 15/7/2015)

“Those positions are in the North West and will do nothing to ease the enormous pressure of ambulance paramedics in Southern Tasmania,” Ms White said.

“The Minister’s response to the genuine concerns of ambulance paramedics was patronising. Frankly they deserve better.

“Excessive overtime demands are putting strain on Tasmania’s ambulance service which is good for neither workers or patients.”

“And Rene Hidding saying the issue will be resolved because there are more interns coming this week is insulting,” Ms White said.

“Interns of course need supervision and put pressure on already stressed and time-poor paramedics.

“Interns are important but the Minister is wrong when he says they’re the solution to the immediate issue of excessive overtime.”
Rebecca White MP Shadow Health Minister