The Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council (ATDC) is holding state-wide Methamphetamine training with the first session being held in Devonport earlier this week and the Hobart session on 9 July 2015.

ATDC CEO Jann Smith said the response had been overwhelming with nearly 500 expressions of interest received with limited spaces available. Hobart has filled to capacity with 160 people to attend the training. The Devonport session was filled to capacity with 65 people.

“Attendees have come from a variety of sectors including justice, education, health and our own alcohol and other drugs sector,” she said.

LeeJenn Health Consultants will be running the training. LeeJenn is a specialist consultancy for the alcohol and other drug sector.

The training will cover the effects methamphetamines have on brain function, physical and physiological harms that can arise and much more.

ATDC CEO Jann Smith said the training is delivered via a general session in the morning followed by two break-out sessions in the afternoon.

“One of the sessions is aimed at more experienced workers who already have a good background knowledge on methamphetamine and the other session will suit those new to this issue,” she said.

“There will also be an evening session that will enable discussion between workers in hospital emergency departments, police, psychiatrists, doctors and other frontline staff.

“The ATDC decided to run this training in response to feedback from the sector. It will be beneficial for people in light of the significant media attention this issue has attracted.

“People should be aware that alcohol and other drugs have not disappeared from use and it is important to acknowledge that we still need to be working on prevention and harm reduction in other areas as well.

“With such enormous demand, we may consider running this training again in the future, subject to funding.”
ATDC CEO Jann Smith