A call by Eric Hutchinson to sell off Tasmania’s energy assets to pay for a second Bass Strait electricity cable again exposes the Liberal’s long term privatisation agenda.

“It not only confirms the Liberals’ privatisation plans but shows what hypocrites they are when it comes to supporting renewable energy,” Mr Green said.

“Eric Hutchinson says a second cable is needed to make the most of renewable energy opportunities but his own Government does not support future investment in wind energy.

“Mr Hutchinson concedes the growth of our renewables sector will be constrained without a second Basslink cable yet the biggest constraint is Mr Abbott’s hatred of wind turbines.

“The question for Mr Hutchinson is does he support developments like the Granville Harbour wind farm on the West Coast?

“If he does, what has he done to change Tony Abbott’s attitude?

“The Liberals’ answer to everything is simply to sell off public assets, but Mr Hutchinson has shot himself in the foot by linking that to the growth of renewable energy when they oppose wind farms.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader