AN East Coast marriage celebrant subjected to a torrent of anti-gay abuse has been awarded the state’s largest payout for discrimination in what has been labelled a “landmark decision”.

Peter Power-Lawrence, of St Marys, was recovering from open heart surgery when he was subjected to discrimination, ­offensive behaviour and sexual harassment by Nick Bouvy, the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal of Tasmania has found.

The tribunal awarded Mr Power-Lawrence $25,000 – a decision hailed by Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesman Rodney Croome and Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks.

The tribunal heard Mr Bouvy, of St Marys, had ­become angry with Mr Power-Lawrence over a perceived snubbing ­because of the former man’s past history as drug addict.

On October 23, 2011, he rang Mr Power-Lawrence and “commenced a tirade of homophobic abuse and threats”.

He rang back at least 18 times.

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Advocates welcome anti-bias payout to victim of gay-hate, includes link to the decision

• Peter Power-Lawrence in Comments: This was not an activism claim, it was because I was humiliated, offended and hurt by the phone call and messages. Bouvy has re-offended last December and has been charged once again. The LGBTI community are a minority group who are still frowned upon in the general community, therefore we need to have the same rights as everyone else to defend ourselves when being attacked by homophobes and bigots. Would you tolerate it if someone phoned your partner, stalked and verbally abused and attacked her/him?