Mind Shift – The National Self-Esteem Initiative – is asking Australians to make a positive pledge to themselves this September as part of its interactive campaign Glass Half Full.

Now in its second year, Mind Shift’s Glass Half Full week kicks off on September 1 with the purpose of promoting healthy self-esteem, self-awareness and encouraging all of us to see personal situations in a more positive light. Essentially, taking on a glass half full attitude.

People can take part by making a Glass Half Full Pledge, a promise that is personally meaningful with the intention of maintaining a more optimistic outlook on life throughout the campaign and beyond.

Making your promise is simple:

• Start by writing a Glass Half Full Pledge. It doesn’t have to be long; it just needs to be personally meaningful and, most importantly, achievable.

• Choose a personal photo or an image of something connected to your promise, write your pledge (a maximum of 40 words) and log onto

• Mind Shift will then send you a copy of your Glass Half Full Pledge as a JPEG for you to easily share with friends, family, schoolmates, and colleagues or via social media for accountability.

• The Pledge can also be kept as a personal reminder in a visible place – ideally on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Mind Shift Founder and CEO Elizabeth Venzin is looking forward to building on the success of last year’s campaign and hopes that by pledging to be positive, participants will start to see shifts in all areas of their life.

“We can all look at a particular situation with optimism – half full – or with pessimism – half empty,” Ms Venzin said. “During Glass Half Full week we encourage everyone to shift their thinking and focus on looking at situations in a more positive light, acknowledging that there may be opportunities in any difficult situation.” Ms Venzin said Spring is the perfect time to kick off a healthy new habit and there was no limit to the amount of pledges that can be made.

“A Glass Half Full Pledge can be made online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” she said. “It’s about taking that first step in the journey towards building self-esteem, making a fresh start to a positive sense of self and new outlook on life.” Glass Half Full is dedicated to promoting healthy self-esteem by ensuring everyone, regardless of background or social status, has access to resources and support that will allow them to achieve self-worth and purpose in life. For more information about the Glass Half Full campaign visit
Caroline Drahan-Pietrzak Chriss Mannix Soda Communications