1,2,3…Create participants Sarah Morrison with Charlie (5) and Ollie (3)

Devonport Regional Gallery presents a range of arts workshops during winter, including a still-life drop-in workshop and twilight tour.

Where: Devonport Regional Gallery
When: During Gallery open hours, 18 July to 30 August, 2015
Who: all ages
Cost: FREE
All materials provided.

The Gallery’s Creative Nook is back for the Main Gallery exhibition, Something New Something Blue: New and Earlier Works from the Permanent Collection.

Inspired by a series of photographic works in the exhibition by Jens Waldenmaier, which are a depiction of sound, the Creative Nook takes participants through a selection of musical works. Participants are then encouraged to draw in response to the music using a range of materials provided.

“In addition to the exhibition’s connection with the colour blue, and the various melancholy moods and emotions this colour elicits, music also has an emotive power depending on the rhythm and timbre. This workshop space provides an opportunity for people to express their emotion through the visual arts – a tool popularly used nowadays for calming the mind and practicing mindfulness.” – Dianne Sheehan, Education & Public Programs Officer

Finished works can be taken home or displayed in the Creative Nook for others to enjoy.

About the Creative Nook
The Creative Nook is an interactive art-making workspace within the Gallery that is presented during selected exhibitions. The Nook was last presented as part of the touring National Photographic Portrait Prize 2014 exhibition in March 2015, which featured creative writing activities and the completion of a collective short story (see completed story here). The art medium changes depending on the exhibition.

When: Saturday 1 August, 1–4 pm
Cost: Free

To celebrate the 125 year anniversary since Vincent van Gogh’s death, join us in creating your own still life work inspired by the master himself and our exhibition, Something New Something Blue.

Participants are encouraged to drop-in between 1 and 4 pm, look through the exhibition and embark on creating their own still life using the materials provided. Still life objects will be selected based on van Gogh’s famous still life works, including a pair of old boots, straw hat, fruit, baskets, bowls and jugs, etc.

The colour blue features heavily in van Gogh’s work, who was documented saying: ”there is no blue without yellow and without orange.” The Gallery’s current exhibition Something New Something Blue provides a fitting backdrop to the workshop, encouraging viewers and participants to consider how and why artists use the colour blue – then exploring and translating this into their own still life work during the workshop.

When: Thursday 13 August, 5.30 pm
Cost: Gold coin entry

Join the curators Ellie Ray and Emily Kennel in a twilight tour of Something New Something Blue and discover the selected works of the Devonport City Council’s Permanent Collection.

Something New Something Blue marries new works with earlier pieces from the collection’s history, effectively borrowing a shared thematic interest in ‘the blues’. An examination of the psychological effects of the colour blue threads this exhibition together as the included works circle changing landscapes, aural dimensions, and flirt with the macabre.

When: Wednesday 22 July & Wednesday 12 August, 10–11.30 am
Cost: $5 per child
Bookings: 6424 8296 or

1,2,3…Create is the Gallery’s monthly early years art and music program facilitated by music therapist, Allison Davies. Alli uses music, art and sensory play to create a fun, educational program for children aged 1–3 years with their carers and parents. The program provides a stimulating environment in the gallery setting for young children to socialise and connect with art objects and ideas through music, movement, play and art making.

Each session draws inspiration from the Gallery’s particular exhibitions. The July and August sessions will be based on the themes of Something New Something Blue and Under the Microscope: Donna Lougher.

When: Monday 20 July & Monday 17 August, 6–7.30 pm
Cost: $20/$10 concession (for yearly membership)
Enquiries: 6424 8296 or

In partnership with the Devonport Bookshop, Devonport Regional Gallery’s reading group, Books + Art celebrates art and literature. The group meets monthly to discuss the books selected based on the exhibitions displayed at the Gallery.

“We aim to create an open, friendly and thoughtful atmosphere for people of all ages.” – Dianne Sheehan, Education & Public Programs Officer.
Books + Art members receive discounts at Devonport Bookshop.
Dianne Sheehan, Education & Public Programs Officer Devonport Regional Art Gallery