The Liberal Government’s response to job losses at manufacturer Caterpillar has lacked leadership.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said the Liberals have been too quick to outsource responsibility.

“Instead of showing leadership, the Liberals are relying on the private sector to stimulate the economy.

“Just like on the West Coast following the closure of the Mt Lyell mine, the response to the situation at Caterpillar has lacked leadership and urgency.

“The Government has politicised the process by making sure each other their Braddon members gets to announce something.

“This is too important to be politicised.

“The Liberals aren’t prepared to put their own ideas forward.

“Labor used the Budget reply in early June to put forward a $10 million plan to create jobs in the electric transport sector.

“$5 million would go towards creating advanced manufacturing jobs on the North West Coast, retrofitting public buses.

“This is not a pie in the sky idea, it’s a forward thinking policy to create skilled jobs and guarantee Hydro Tasmania’s future.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader