Who has taken the position of Commissioner since Murray Kellam left without any fanfare from [i]Tassie’s toothless tiger[/i] better known as the Tasmanian Integrity Commission last year in June to take up his role of investigating Victoria Police conduct for the Victorian IBAC Commissioner?


According to The Examiner It would appear that no one has been at the helm since June 2014.


Who has taken on the role of the [i]Acting Chief Commissioner[/i] as we have not heard a peep about how the TIC is or is not being managed?

After the first 3 years operations the TIC were to produce a Report which was due to be released in October 2013 by the Joint Standing Committee on Integrity. We are still [i]waiting[/i]……..is Kim Booth still the Chair of this Committee? Is this first report being sat on until the 5 year Independent Review due out in October 2015?

Has the Commissioner’s previous salary allocation been diverted to prop up salaries to other TIC staff due to Govt cutbacks………..can we have some transparency and accountability for our [i]dogless watch body[/i] please (Minister for Justice)Ms Goodwin?