*Pic: Janie Barratt’s brilliant picture … capturing … a love affair …

Evan Whitton, 87, is journalistic royalty. A five-time Walkley Award winner, he devoted decades to reporting on corruption. But behind all that lies a tender, episodic and fateful love story with his wife Noela, 85.

Noela: We grew up in the same small country town – Murgon, in Queensland – and I thought he was rather special, but he went to boarding school when he was eight.

We weren’t formally introduced until I was 16. He asked me to the pictures. I said I’d have to ask my father and he said, “Good, well, give me a call tonight.” They had a shop in the main street and lived elsewhere, so they used to switch their phone through, only this night they forgot. So I kept ringing and ringing. For me it was a tragedy that he never answered.

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