NorMAC (Nordic Model Australia Coalition) welcomes the decision by the world’s largest travel guide company, Lonely Planet, to remove Wicked Campers from the next edition of Lonely Planet Australia.

Sydney mother Paula Orbea began a campaign against the often sexist and offensive slogans on Wicked Campers’ vans in July last year after her 11-year old daughter was confronted with the message – ‘Inside every princess is a little slut who wants to try it just once’ – on a Wicked camper van.

Her campaign attracted significant support and Wicked Campers promised to remove the offending material.

The company’s failure to honour that promise was the catalyst for Lonely Planet’s recent action.

‘We want to thank Paula for her initiative and persistence’, said NorMAC director, Simone Watson. ‘Wicked Campers’ cavalier attitude toward the offence caused by their misogynist artwork deserves an appropriate response, and NorMAC congratulates Lonely Planet on their stance’.

Ms Orbea isn’t finished with Wicked Campers. She is now lobbying for legislation that would penalise offenders like Wicked Campers for breaching advertising standards.
‘NorMAC fully supports Ms Orbea’, said Ms Watson.

Simone Watson (National Director for NorMAC)