Labor Leader Bryan Green said he continues to support Petuna Sealord Deepwater Fishing’s operations off Tasmania’s west coast.

“Labor has never questioned Petuna’s management of the fishery or sustainability of its practices,” Mr Green said.

“There’s a big difference between trawling for blue grenadier and small pelagic fish.

“They are at opposite ends of the food chain.

“Amateur fishers and other professional fishers, who have now been abandoned by the Liberals, have been concerned that targeting a small pelagic species can potentially have a massive effect on the whole ocean ecosystem.

“Petuna has Labor’s full support when it comes to its operation in Commonwealth water off the west coast of Tasmania.

“We recognise the significant contribution the operation makes to the Tasmanian economy.

“Before the election, the Liberals were amateur fishers’ best friends, now they have let them down by changing their vote.

“On the other hand, Labor voted the same way after the election as before.

“Up until this week, all three parties held the same position in opposing the operation of super trawlers.

“Our position now is no different to the position we held in government and the Liberals held in opposition.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader