The Resources Minister Paul Harriss should resign after walking away from the challenges facing forestry and betraying workers who are now going to be sacked.

“Mr Harriss has lied to Tasmanians and broken his unequivocal promises to expand the forest industry,” Labor Leader Bryan Green said.

“He has lost all credibility and even the confidence of his own Cabinet colleagues.

“Mr Harriss’ move to privatise public forestry assets is even at odds with his own colleagues and is the final straw.

“This amounts to selling out Tasmania’s forestry future.

“Mr Harriss is now trying to tell Tasmanians he has a mandate to sell public assets and to sack workers whose jobs he solemnly promised to protect.

“What Mr Harriss is effectively doing is selling out the forest industry and absolving himself of any responsibility for growing the sector as he promised.

“Mr Harriss says Forestry Tasmania will be ‘skinnied up’, but we are more concerned it will be starved out of the industry.

“It is not the utopia Mr Harriss promised the forest industry before the election.

“Mr Harriss has misled and deceived the people of Tasmania and must now be held to account.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader