The Hodgman Liberal Government’s position on a southern residues solution is crystal clear – we do not have a preferred option for an export port, we want to see what ideas the private sector has.

As we have consistently said, wood fibre exports is a second-best option to local processing, value-adding and local jobs.

That’s why, as I announced yesterday, the Expression of Interest process isn’t restricted to export proposals, it is also open to businesses who have a viable plan for on-island processing of residues.

As has been made clear, any Expressions of Interest which are based on the use of Macquarie Wharf in Hobart will need to be presented on the basis that there will not be a woodchip pile on the wharf and that processing will need to occur offsite.

Finding a southern residues solution is a key part of the Government’s Plan to rebuild the forest industry and it is not in the interests of the industry, or of the Tasmanian community, for Government to compete with the private sector in areas where private enterprise, private capital and private expertise are well equipped to do the job.
Paul Harriss, Minister for Resources