Premier Will Hodgman has again been caught out putting good times ahead of hard work.

Instead of returning home from Adelaide on Saturday to respond to a jobs crisis on the North West Coast, Mr Hodgman went to the football.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said a pattern was emerging.

“The Premier was right to be in Adelaide for Friday night’s tourism awards, but he must explain why he prioritised sticking around for the footy over responding to 280 job losses at Caterpillar.

“This isn’t the first time Mr Hodgman has put having a good time ahead of hard work.

“Instead of meeting with a potential pulp mill investor he went to the Launceston Cup.

“In the middle of an election campaign he flew to Sydney to see Bruce Springsteen.

“Now he has put watching Buddy Franklin at the Adelaide Oval above managing a massive jobs crisis on the North West Coast.

“When the going gets tough, the Premier goes missing.

“Time and time again we’ve seen Mr Hodgman defer to one of his colleagues when it gets too difficult.

“This Premier is front and centre when there is an award to collect or a ribbon to cut but he is nowhere to been seen in a crisis.

“People expect the Premier of the day to come to the fore when a challenge arises.

“The situation at Caterpillar is a crossroads moment for manufacturing in Australia.

“There needs to be a national conversation about our ability to compete in a global manufacturing market.

“It’s crucial that we continue to produce high value products here in Australia.

“Is Will Hodgman prepared to take on a difficult situation or will he remain simply a fair weather Premier’?”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader