This is too good a story not to share-and its completely true, which is all the better of course!

Grand babies slept over the other night and late arvo I suggested they check the mail box, which is a favourite activity and cause for much entertainment.

Returning with a small bundle, I was told there was a pile of junk mail and one that was “important”.

Damn thinks me, another bloody bill for sure.

So inspection revealed the above …

Next I say, “well what is all the other writing?”

Comes the reply, “To selected households etc…, gee…ay …el…el… “Galloping, I interrupt?”

Oh yes, “galloping”.

No don’t be silly says me.

How bout a clue?

Yes please.

Ok, its something that defines Australia and is particularly relevant this time of year.

The reply … “gullible?”

Oh how I love those kids!!!