The Hodgman Liberal Government and THO North are looking at all options and continuing to talk to our Commonwealth colleagues to secure an ongoing role for the John L Grove rehabilitation unit.

We understand the important role that the John L Grove centre plays and are certainly aware of the dedication of the centre’s staff and their concern for its future. There is no doubt that the withdrawal of the millions of dollars in Commonwealth money which funds the facility would create a very difficult situation and we are working to achieve the best possible outcome.

As part of this work we are continuing to work with our federal colleagues to find a solution and we continue to be hopeful of a positive outcome.

I have asked the Department of the Health and Human Services to continue to work with THO North and its Governing Council, which is responsible for the operation of the John L Grove centre, to identify the options to secure an ongoing role for the John L Grove rehabilitation unit. This work is ongoing and no final decision has been made about the future of these services while we continue to explore all options.

We are very disappointed that the previous Labor Federal and State Governments did not allocate ongoing funding for the services, including the John L Grove unit, which were funded by a fixed-term agreement.

The non-renewal of the funding would represent a loss of millions of dollars from our health system. We have made clear to the Commonwealth Government our concern about the shortfall which would be created by the withdrawal of ongoing federal funding and we continue to talk to them about a solution to this problem.

THO North and the Government will continue to work on this issue as a high priority and will keep the centre’s staff and the community informed on options and developments.
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health