The Legislative Council has today passed stronger laws to deter the theft of firearms, and to better protect the community.

Our Bill to amend the Firearms Act takes a two-pronged approach to deterring gun crime in this State.

On one hand, there will be strengthened storage requirements for registered owners of handguns and those with 10 or more firearms, which will be prescribed in regulations that we will now develop in consultation with license holders.

On the other, new specific offences have been created for the possession of stolen firearms with strong penalties.

This includes a summary offence that carries a fine of up to 100 penalty units and/or up to five years’ imprisonment, and an indictable offence with a maximum of 21 years.

We have also brought Tasmania into line with other states by legalising paintball, and we will now begin work on developing appropriate regulations for this activity.

While the previous Labor government began a review into the Firearms Act as far back as 2009, it is the Liberal Government that has delivered a long overdue update to this important legislation in a little over 12 months since coming to office.
Rene Hidding, Minister for Police and Emergency Management