Marriage equality advocates have responded strongly to a new Australian Marriage Forum advertisement that compares same-sex parenting to forced adoption.

The ad, which is currently being aired on the Nine Network, has also raised the ire of former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, whose apology to those affected by forced adoption features in the ad and who says she is considering legal action.

Australian Marriage Equality deputy director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said,

“It is deeply offensive to compare children being raised lovingly and happily by same-sex couples to those who suffered the trauma of forced adoption.”

“Generations of studies have shown the children of same-sex couples are just as well adjusted as other children, and that it is love, not gender, that makes a family.”

Mr Hinton-Teoh said he hopes the ad will prompt Ms Gillard to evolve towards supporting marriage equality.

“We hope that Julia Gillard well recognise that the kind of condescending prejudices against single mums and poorer families that led to forced adoption also lay behind today’s campaign against equality for same-sex couples and their families.”

Julia Gillard opposed marriage equality as Prime Minister despite being an atheist in an unmarried relationship. She continues to oppose the reform despite becoming a board member of mental health initiative, Beyond Blue.

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Australian Marriage Equality deputy director, Ivan Hinton-Teoh