Dear Eric Hutchinson, Federal Member for Lyons

Drop this discriminatory co-payment idea now. We are taxpayers and we are already paying for everything else!

I want a government that provides quality services like health as a priority. If you need money stop wasting it on fruitless searches for lost planes and rushing into wars. Wake up and start representing us.

Mike Bolan
TAS 7250

Dear Mike,

Many thanks for the feedback.

For the sake of clarification, am I right to think that your objection extends to everyone regardless of their ability to contribute? Does your stated position change if their are exemptions for those least able to contribute?

How or what do you consider is an appropriate strategy to manage the ongoing and future funding of Medicare? Currently the levy raises roughly $10 billion, the cost of Medicare is roughly $22 billion and predicted to rise beyond $30 billion by 2024.

I like all thinking Australians ponder the alternatives available to government in Australia to strengthen our system of universal healthcare and yes doing nothing is indeed one of the possibilities. However this strategy only postpones the inevitable.

I would appreciate your thoughts given your interest in health services and am more than happy to discuss further if you wish.

Best Regards,

Eric Hutchinson
Federal Member for Lyons

Hi Eric,

You ask for my thoughts on your health care ‘reforms’ which was a petition for you to act, not “feedback” as you characterise it.

Here are some of my “thoughts” as requested.

Health care is a core need in a modern high population society along with education, particularly as the world becomes more complex. Australia has 3 levels of government, each creating costs to Australians and able to increase costs and charges without limits, and each rewarding themselves handsomely for doing so. All of these like to play the ‘shell game’ in which they pretend that the money we pay them is ‘theirs’ and that they can then charge us for services for which we have already paid.

The federal government claims a ‘budget crisis’ and is attempting to extract more money from those who can least afford it while expanding costs in overseas wars, looking for lost aeroplanes and incurring other high costs in government like hosting the G20 in Brisbane (about $10 million).

So there you sit, having spent some $10 million of our dollars on one meeting, trying to pretend that we should pay “our share” of a medical system for which we already pay all of the costs. This is made even worse by the fact that you, (and all other politicians plus the armies of high paid bureaucrats that taxpayers must also support) force us to provide you with private health coverage so that you don’t have to rely on the public system that your government is meddling with! You can mess up Medicare safe in the knowledge that no matter what problems you create, they won’t affect you!

And you want us to welcome that??

You ask what I consider an ‘appropriate’ strategy, here goes:

1) Commit to Australians and provide details of the quality of health and care that you will provide

2) Put health care planning in the hands of health workers, not politicians and bureaucrats

3) Commit to prophylaxis, reducing those things that make us sick, and facilitating healthy lives for us

4) Assure that all Medicare decision makers use Medicare themselves

5) Research and publish front-line service costs versus administrative and management costs

6) Run the system on needs, find the money needed and eliminate pointless costs (e.g. huge bureaucracies)

7) Find ways to support older people to have less costly and more human ways to leave our world [e.g. “Dying well” by Grattan Institute ( Here: ) and ‘slow communities’] by eliminating intrusive bureaucracies.

Australia’s systems of government have become a rent-seeker’s paradise that cost us dearly, but instead of fixing it, you just want taxpayers to pay more while politicians enjoy the considerable fruits of office and bureaucrats continue to expand their empires. This is classical rent-seeker behaviour.

People are waking up to the unfair, undemocratic and unsustainable nature of all of this. It would be far more useful if your government (in no way could it be called ours!) looked in the mirror before bearing down on citizens whom governmant has left without any formal rights.

I hope you can find some useful information in my reply. There’s lots more where that came from should you need it.

Thank you.

Mike Bolan
Disaffected citizen