Tasmanian workers will finally have the strong legal protection they need from radical protesters after today’s passage through the Legislative Council of the Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill.

This is an historic moment for workers’ rights in this State as we send a clear message to the extremists that while you may have your say, you may not stop others from earning a living.

For the first time, workplaces and workers will have specific protections from radical protesters seeking to make their point by destroying livelihoods.

Tasmania will now have the strongest laws in the country to protect workers’ rights, while ensuring the right to free speech and legitimate protest have been protected.

The Liberal Government went to the March election with this policy and we have delivered, as promised.

In contrast, Labor has once again deserted workers and sided with the Greens, with their Member in the Legislative Council opposing this Bill every step of the way.

The Bill will now be transmitted to the House of Assembly for concurrence next week.
Paul Harriss, Minister for Resources