Derwent Raider

Derwent Skiff

Stave Stools

Stunning examples of Tasmanian design, boutique manufacture and successful export

Stunning Tasmanian-designed Stave stools are becoming an international classic. Designed by Jackie and Allan Witt, Stave Stools have been in production for more than thirteen years. This beautifully made boutique product is shipped around the world in neat flat-pack form.

Stave Stools were launched at the prestigious Tasmanian Wood Design Collection’s Grand Exhibition in 2001. They were awarded: “A furniture item with a major design component that is based on the sustainable application of Tasmanian regrowth or plantation eucalypt designed for high quality manufacture and sale.”

They visually delight, are very comfortable, use beautiful Tasmanian timber and are made sustainably. Stave Stools continue to sell well to a design savvy global niche.

It is no surprise that the light-weight curved form of the Stave Stool comes from a boat designer. Allan designed the Derwent Skiff, in collaboration with his father and won another award, this time from the respected Australian Wooden Boat Festival. It is a light-eight recreational rowing boat with a sliding seat and is the world’s stand-out leader in the genre.

Not only is the performance superb, but Allan cleverly resolved the building processes. Derwent Skiffs are now easily built by amateurs from kits with consistently good results. There are many happy builders and rowers of Derwent Skiffs in Australia. They are also to be found in Europe and the UK.

The ultimate row and sail adventure boat, the Derwent Raider has been added to the fleet more recently. Derwent Raiders masterfully bring sliding seat rowing and sailing together with a finesse that puts them in a league all of their own. They are already being built from kits in several Australia states.
Allan Witt,