Senator Catryna Bilyk is delighted with the success of Tasmania’s first Walk4BrainCancer, which has raised $13,346.20 for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to fund life-saving brain cancer research.

Participants continued to collect donations for two weeks after the event, which was held Sunday, 2 November at Dru Point Bicentennial Park in Margate.

Event organiser, Senator Catryna Bilyk, who is also co-convenor of the Australian Parliament’s Brain Tumour Awareness Group, said the community’s commitment to the cause was a reflection of how deeply brain cancer has affected patients, their families and carers.

“Brain cancer has a low survival rate and kills more Australians under the age of 40 than any other cancer. It is a little known fact that brain cancer kills more Australian children than any other disease,” Senator Bilyk said.

“Many of the participants I spoke to had been affected in some way by brain cancer. They appreciated the opportunity to do something positive that would help their loved ones and honour the memory of those whose lives have been cut short by this terrible disease.”

Senator Bilyk thanked the more than 100 people who turned up to the event to walk through sunshine, heavy rain, and even hail, to support the cause, and everyone who made a donation.

Senator Bilyk said there was so much enthusiasm and support for Walk4BrainCancer that she is committed to making the Tasmanian walk an annual event.

“Through Walk4BrainCancer Tasmania, I have discovered hundreds of people who are determined to work with me and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to rid the world of brain cancer,” Senator Bilyk said.

“By continuing this event, I am sure we can find many more supporters.”

While donations are no longer being collected for Walk4BrainCancer Tasmania, donations can be made directly to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation through their website
Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.