The stories of two men, two generations: common experiences.

Told in theatre, song and images by renowned musical ensemble Silkweed with two outstanding actors.

This Sunday 23rd November, The Rosny Barn will host music ensemble Silkweed’s current production: “Letters from a Distant Heart”

Based on real letters from an Australian POW in Japanese camps and juxtaposed with the story, also told through letters, of an asylum seeker in Australian immigration detention.

The stories of the two men divided by seventy years yet somehow parallel circumstances, is woven through with Silkweed’s original music and outstanding images.

The performance also features original poetry in Hazarigi (with translations on screen) by Shoukat Shauor an esteemed Hazara poet from Pakistan, now living and working in Hobart.

Previously featured at festivals in southern Tasmania and the ACT, Sunday’s show will be the only and final performance in Tasmania.

6pm Sunday 23rd November, Rosny Historic Barn
tickets $25 at the door or email
Erin Collins