The Liberal Government is committed to supporting vulnerable Tasmanians through a strong partnership with the community sector.

Community sector organisations play a vital role in providing services for Tasmanians in need.

Attending today’s TasCOSS Biennial conference, I was very pleased to announce that the Liberal Government will be formalising our commitment to the Community Sector by renewing the Tasmanian Partnership Agreement.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to working with the community sector to improve the lives of vulnerable Tasmanians. We believe to do this we need to continue to nurture and build on the strong and effective relationships between government and the community sector.

In the State Budget we delivered on our commitment to provide an additional $9 million in funding over the next four years for community sector organisations.

The additional $9 million in funding is on top of the annual 2.25 per cent indexation of community sector funding, which will deliver an additional $5.3 million to the community sector in 2014-15.

We are also committed to supporting community sector organisations to meet their obligations and requirements under the Fair Work Australia Equal Remuneration Order (ERO). An additional $5.2 million provided for this year will take the total support for the ERO in 2014-15 to $13.4 million.

Additional ERO Supplementation of $24.2 million is also included in 2017-18, year six of the ERO. In total the Tasmanian Government has committed $82.5 million to funding the first six years of the ERO.

In total, the Government in 2014-15 is providing $235 million for the entire grants program to the sector.

The renewal of the Tasmanian Partnership Agreement is another positive step in continuing and strengthening the relationship between the community sector and the Government.

The Liberal Government is delighted to be renewing our partnership with the community sector as part of our commitment to rebuild essential services and support vulnerable Tasmanians.
Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Human Services