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Jan Davis: Major benefits for the dairy industry

TFGA on the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association today welcomed the free trade agreement with China, chief executive Jan Davis saying it would open bilateral investment opportunities in agriculture that had been elusive for too long.

“We can see major benefits for the dairy industry, for fruit and horticulture and for wine,” she said. “That’s a two-way opportunity. China is already the biggest market for our produce.

“Liberalising tariffs, giving us the same opportunities in China that New Zealand already enjoys through its free trade agreement with China, should see our trade grow.

“We can also help China with our knowledge and technology to increase their own production, which is usually counter-seasonal with our own and therefore not against our interests.

“The FTA is not a silver bullet; they seldom are; people should not anticipate instant results,” Ms Davis said.

“In some cases Chinese tariffs on Australian goods are being reduced, not eliminated; investment thresholds are being adjusted not abolished. Plus, the Chinese yuan is not subject to the same exchange rate volatility and uncertainty as the Australian dollar.

“Nevertheless, this is a great step forward for each country.”

Ms Davis said that over the next few days the TFGA would examine the agreement to look at impacts on specific sectors.
TFGA Chief Executive Jan Davis

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  1. Terry James

    November 17, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Two cows, standing in a field, one says “moo”. “Bugger”, says the other one, “I was going to say that”. Seriously though, Gina Ironheart’s hobby company has just signed a deal to sell $500 million (Australian I presume) per year of milk powder into China and forever. If we sell our A1 Tassie moo juice to China then will there be enough milk left over for our babies, breakfast cereals, and tradies’ favourite flavoured work break beverage? Politicians must issue assurances that milk and cheap Chinese passenger vehicles will be available, for all, for ever.

  2. Terry James

    November 17, 2014 at 2:19 am

    Two cows, standing in a field, one says “gee, I’m worried about ‘mad cow disease'”. “I’m not”, says the other one. “I’m a penguin”.

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