London, United Kingdom

How it Began

Occasionally a story comes along so unusual it literally Suspends Belief.

My name is Phil Stebbing and I am unashamedly interested in the weird and wonderful. This curiosity led me to living in a house full of modern day shamen in London in 2005. By trade I am a Producer and Cameraman making documentaries for broadcasters such as BBC and Discovery, but never in my 25 years have I filmed something as extraordinary as this.

This strange journey began as these shamen gave me free access to film them accessing the spirit world and to witness their amazing feats of endurance.

The central character of the film Suspending Belief is a British shaman called Lakshmi Love. With his motto – “Life is just an illusion” – he believed we can all change our reality at any moment to heal ourselves.

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Philip Stebbing