The Liberal Government will continue to advocate for an outcome on the Renewable Energy Target (RET) that protects Tasmania’s investments in renewable energy and protects Tasmanian jobs.

It is extremely disappointing that negotiations between the Federal Government and Opposition over the RET have stalled.

The renewable energy industry needs certainty, and Tasmania’s trade-exposed major industrials deserve a full exemption to the RET given their use of clean Hydro energy.

Neither of these outcomes can be achieved while negotiations at a federal level are on hold.

The Liberal Government has advocated strongly for retention of the Renewable Energy Target scheme with a full exemption for Tasmania’s trade exposed major industrials.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government wants to see further movement on the Federal Government’s proposed target level and agreement from Labor that Tasmania’s major industrials will be protected.

We encourage both parties to get back around the table for negotiations, and once again call on Tasmanian Labor to finally stand up for a negotiated position which protects Tasmania’s interests and provides a full exemption for our major industrials.
Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy