The Bruny Island Ferry service is substantially subsidised by the State Government to reduce the cost of transport for eligible residents.

The Liberal Government is very aware that passenger demand exceeds supply at peak times of the year and that this has been driven by the growing number of tourists and holidaymakers visiting the island.

This has been frustrating for residents, businesses and the visitors themselves, so I am pleased that a solution is at hand.

After unavoidable delays waiting for some critical parts from overseas, I am looking forward to the provision of new services by the purpose-built barge, the MV Bowen.

Over two hundred and twenty additional vehicle-equivalent spaces per day on Bowen will bring much needed extra capacity to the ferry run during these peak periods, helping residents, businesses and tourists alike to get to and from the island in a timelier manner.

In addition, the Bowen will be available to cover the survey/dry dock periods of the existing ferry Mirambeena.

I can understand the frustrations from some tourists and first-time visitors to the Island who are surprised that there is no card payment services at the ferry ticket office.

After discussions with the operator yesterday, I’m pleased to announce that a new EFTPOS facility for the ticket office is on its way and I’m hopeful it will be in place for passengers during the upcoming peak demand period this summer.

Additional services to be provided by MV Bowen:

Peak Period From (including) To (including)
Christmas / New Year Monday 22 December 2014 Tuesday 10 February 2015
Hobart 8-Hour Day Long Weekend Thursday 5 March 2015 Tuesday 10 March 2015
Easter Thursday 2 April 2015 Wednesday 8 April 2015
Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Thursday 4 June 2015 Tuesday 9 June 2015
Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure