Debris washed up on the coast of Western Australia, have raised hopes it may be from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370: Fairfax: MH370 search: Debris washed up on WA coast to be investigated.

If confirmed it would also confirm a prediction from Tasmanian Times’ writer John Hawkins. Hawkins predicted exactly where any debris from a crash into the Indian Ocean would end up.

He wrote the following in this Tasmanian Times article, Over to you Mr Bond … The Search for Truth:

• John Hawkins: The egg from Madagascar …


In 1990 I purchased this egg laid by the now extinct Giant Elephant Bird of Madagascar one of the greatest of all Natural History objects.

A few years later two little boys found a similar egg, in the sand, on the coast of West Australia near Perth, which I suggested had washed ashore from Madagascar and is here tendered as evidence of the currents.

This led me to correspond with the then great expert on Indian Ocean currents Curtis B Ebbsmeyer the Beachcomber who sent me the map below of Indian Ocean currents which was to result in the article below as published in the Australian Antique Collector.

It is this correspondence that will produce the surviving parts from the wreckage of the missing airliner along the West Australian coast in some 6 months’ time.



Google map of the WA coast where the debris was located


An interim report on the state of play regarding MH 370

Over to you, Mr Bond … The Search for Truth …

• Philip Lowe, in Comments: Was there somebody on that plane who was so important to either the military or big business espionage, that he or she had to be made to look as if they had disappeared in a beyond-belief fantasy? Have we heard the last of this? Is there anybody out there who knows the truth of this? In this day and age how can anything like this happen in real life?