On Wednesday 26th Feb at 12:30pm, approximately 150 Hobart residents met at the Town Hall to discuss alternative developments to a cable car.

Guest speakers were Scott Bacon MP, Cassy O’Conner MP, Geoff Law, Wolfgang Glowacki and Ruth Langford from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.

“We were delighted that when given the opportunity to talk about their personal and political preference for development, guest speakers were in unanimous support for The Springs site.” said Mr. Jason Turvey [representing Respect the Mountain].

The Springs site currently has a permit and is in line with both the Hobart City Council and the Wellington Park Management Trust’s view that any substantial development should be based at The Springs.

“It was great to see a good turn out and the reinforcement from the public that The Springs was the place for development if any at all.” said Mr. Turvey. “With a public forum like this, you never know what people will say or what attitude will be dominant. However the audience was overwhelmingly against a development that included a cable car to the summit and any other development above The Springs.”

Other notions mentioned included that people just accept that the road isn’t available some days of the year! “The average number of days the road is closed is 15. Annual maintenance of cable cars can be 14 days of closure. It really doesn’t add any benefits to accessibility.”

Mr. Turvey dismissed comments that the event was one sided or refused to explore other alternatives for development. “The entire purpose for the public forum was to give people a chance to let potential ideas be heard not only by members of the public but by the major political parties.” No members from the Mt Wellington Cable car Company were invited as guest speakers as it seemed contradictory to the topic of the forum, however members were invited to attend. “What we provided was an opportunity to discuss every option excluding one, but what the MWCC are promoting is no other options except one. That seems very narrow-minded to us.” said Mr. Turvey “We feel confident of our case to raise alternatives to a cable car during the election but it seems that the proponents are hiding from public and media scrutiny.”

A summary of comments and ideas mentioned at the forum will be presented to all registered political parties for reference when deciding policy.