Quoll exhibits tight rope walking abilities to easily exit raised feeder

This quoll has easily located and excavated a meat bait buried at 75 mm depth.

Exhibitionist show-off poses optimally for camera

Delicately removes meat and scrapes off excess dirt.

Elegantly holds meat in paws and begins dinner. Lucky no poison present!


Some of us have a problem with the likely effect of 1080 Foxoff baiting on eastern quolls.

DPIPWE says that eastern quolls will only dig up rotten baits where 1080 has degraded, that a single Foxoff 1080 poison bait does not endanger eastern quolls, and that fox baiting has not impacted on quoll numbers.

We say that we seem to have been lied to, that quolls are extremely adept at digging up and eating fresh meat baits, that there is enough 1080 in single Foxoff baits to kill nearly all female eastern quolls, and that fox poisoning could easily have contributed significantly to the 10 year 50% decline in the eastern quoll population!

Quolls are obviously more adept at digging up poison baits than the fox eradication taskforce is at providing compelling data that their baiting is safe to iconic Tasmanian wildlife.

Please explain DPIPWE, with detailed trial and photographic evidence, at your convenience (but no patronising assurances that you know what is happening at the bait coalface please).

Videos of quolls digging up baits can be viewed at: and

More information at

Ivo Edwards is a research scientist currently developing super humane soft fabric animal traps for wallabies , possums, feral cats and rabbits ( see ). Tentative fox trap development has stalled owing to total lack of local available target animals.

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