Federal candidate for Franklin, Marti Zucco announced today that if elected he will seek federal funding to solve the pedestrian and bike issues that currently exist on the Tasman Bridge.

“I am aware of those who have been injured while riding across the narrow footway and it’s time to take action,” Mr Zucco said.

“The current situation is dangerous and unacceptable to both pedestrians and cyclists who use the bridge and options need to be explored.

“We need to link the eastern shore with the western shore with a dedicated bike lane so that it is safe for both pedestrians and bike users.

“I have had discussions regarding possible options and I have floated the possibility of a counter levered structure on the southern face of the bridge that could resolve the issues.

“We are aware that a dedicated bike lane on the road surface area is not an option, so alternatives need to be explored and a counter levered option may be the solution.

“Whatever the outcome, my intent is to seek federal funding to pursue whatever it takes to make the bridge safer for all those who use it,” he said.
Marti Zucco Palmer United Party Candidate for Franklin